Florentino Perez decision on Mbappe, Haaland and other Real Madrid players 2021

Florentino Perez in his latest press conference shared many decisions of the board to the fans. Perez talked about Sergio Ramos too and the future of many players.

In his total 90 minutes of the interview, he cleared the doubts of many people. Perez was asked about the signing of Haaland or Mbappe on which he said “Mbappé? I know what Real Madrid members want. They know what my policy is. I don’t want to talk about a player who isn’t ours. People trust me and Mbappé is a great player.” He assured the fans by saying, “The fans know I bring the best players in the world”.
Perez talked about Sergio Ramos and Zinedine Zidane after their shocking departure. Sergio Ramos left the club after 16 years after a failed contract negotiation. Perez was emotional about the issue ‘ I love him like a son. I have such admiration for him, he has been a legend and we wanted him to stay, we offered him a contract, he had a deadline but didn’t make it clear. This is his home and he will return’. Perez hinted that Ramos will come back to Madrid probably after he retires.

Perez further added, “I’ll be very happy if Sergio Ramos goes to a club that offers him what we couldn’t offer. As with Cristiano Ronaldo”.
Zinedine Zidane left Real Madrid again after a trophyless season and he left a letter for the board of Madrid which was the topic of conversation for Real Madrid fans throughout the world.

Perez on that letter “I didn’t read Zidane’s letter. Because I know that wasn’t Zidane, someone wrote it for him.” Perez further added “I was talking to him and he never said anything to me. He was tired of the press in a very difficult season and with many injuries. I still have the same affection as always. His dream is to be the coach of France and he’ll surely achieve it”
Perez discussed the current squad of Real Madrid and it seems like Perez is waiting for Manchester United to make an offer on Raphael Varane. Perez said that he did not receive any offer for Raphael Varane. The Madrid president was asked about the situation of Marcelo on which he said, “Marcelo? He has another year on his contract with Real Madrid and deserves to be the team’s first captain. It’s hard to find a left-back like Marcelo.”

On the other future of other players of Real Madrid, he added, “We have 35 players and can only register 25…Ceballos, Kubo, Odegaard, we can’t fit them all. We’re talking with players & their agents. We have a lot of young players, if they can’t develop here they can go on loan and come back.”
Perez is very clear about the young squad and is indirectly hinting to make an offer for already loaned players like Odegaard and Ceballos. Real Madrid is having a full squad right now and a few changes are expected before the closing of the summer transfer window.
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[…] in his recent 90 minutes interview dropped hints about the future of the club and its players. Florentino Perez in his interview indirectly gave us the hint that the ‘European Super League’ is […]