Top 3 Shocking Transfers In The History Of Football

Every football fan can usually expect a transfer to happen before it happens but in some special cases, it gets impossible to predict. In history, there have been many transfers that made many people happy and sad at the same time. Nothing can be more depressing than to see your hero leave. It happens a lot in the world of football as Transfers are a major part of it.

There might be plenty of football transfers that might be more important than every other transfer. Some players went on to move for their rival clubs and break the heart of all their fans in one go. Just like Carlos Tevez has played for both Manchester United and City or Luis Figo who played for both FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

The Ultra legend Ronaldo switched between two sets of rivals in his career where he played for FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter Milan and AC Milan. Our sport is filled with such traitor moments and it’s not a secret.

Top 3 Mind-Blowing Transfers Of Football:

3: Zinedine Zidane to Real Madrid

The Frenchman was already considered among the best players in Juventus before he shocked them with a move to Real Madrid on a record transfer of €75 million. This signing marked the new era of Real Madrid where they were used to sign world-class players with massive transfers.

In his first season with Real Madrid, he scored one of the best goals in the Champions League Final history. The player-led them to a Champions League and La Liga along with some other titles. Zidane came back as a manager and gave them the three-peat when they won the Champions League thrice. No wonder this man is still considered as one of the legends to play for them.

2: Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus

Cristiano is unarguably one of the best players in the entire history of Real Madrid. It is the most unexpected transfer for many people as everything was going smooth in Real Madrid. The player won multiple titles with them including many Champions League titles and 4 Ballon D’or and it looked like a perfect love story. It was clear that Cristiano was the main reason behind their recent success and they wouldn’t sell him unless he wants to.

Juventus became the new home of Cristiano and his millions of fans. It was difficult for anyone to imagine Ronaldo in anything other than white.

1: Johan Cruyff to FC Barcelona

Just like Cristiano Ronaldo the Dutch legend Johan Cruyff also won three consecutive European Clubs before moving into FC Barcelona. This is one of the key players to shape the Barcelona we see today. It was not the best time for Barca fans before Cruyff joined them but he changed everything.

Johan Cruyff is certainly the most important player in the history of Barcelona who helped them win La Liga as a player and also their first European Cup as a manager. The style of play Cruff induced in them is still being followed with millions of people still getting inspired by him even after decades.

It would be unfair to rank these three or any transfer of such manner. The ranking may vary for each individual. Let us know which transfer do you think is the most shocking transfer ever. 


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