Top 5 Most Tragic Moments In Football History

The beauty of this beautiful game is incomparable to any other sport. The majority of our footballing community wants to live in peace and harmony but when tragedy strikes nobody can stop it. In the history of football, there have been plenty of heartbreaking incidents that shocked the whole community.

5: Leicester Helicopter Crash

Everything looked normal at King Power Stadium where the owner and three others boarded the helicopter. Little did they know that this would end in a tragedy. Just after some moments, the helicopter came crashing down claiming the lives of all the people on board. 

After the accident, some people started to spread rumours that someone wanted to kill the owner of Leicester City. Later the Air Investigation Unit cleared the air by explaining how the helicopter crashed due to a technical fault and not any individual intervention.

4: Hillsborough Tragedy

It is the most tragic semi-final in the history of the FA Cup. In 1989 Liverpool was playing Nottingham Forrest and it was the biggest thing back then for both these teams. Fans of both these clubs poured in huge quantities which led to overcrowding up to a limit where the stadium couldn’t take it anymore. 

The board decided to play this fixture on a neutral venue and chose Hillsborough stadium for them. This stadium was too old with limited seats when hundreds of thousands of people want to watch this match. It ended up in the death of 96 people and injuring 766 others as one of the stands from the stadium failed. 

As soon as any tragedy strikes people always start playing the blame game. Liverpool fans were blamed for this as they stand near their fans side collapsed. Some people went even far to blame their fans for pickpocketing from the deceased. 

It made a huge impact on the lives of many people and many people lost their loved ones while some people may still be suffering. However, a study concluded that everything happened due to bad management and insufficient police control.

3: Andres Escobar Assasiation

People sometimes take football more than it’s meant to be. Andres Escobar paid a big price for scoring an own goal. It was unfortunate for a professional footballer to be treated this way for serving his country.

In the 1994 FIFA, World Cup Columbia got eliminated from the tournament where the own goal was one of the main highlights behind this loss. Some wretched people sought to take revenge on him and got him killed for this mistake. In July 1984 he was killed in a nightclub parking lot.

Columbia was already under the radar of big countries for their poor management of the cartels and this incident made it worse.

2: Chapecoense Plane Crash

On Nov 28 2016 the whole world stood still after hearing this tragic news of a plane crash with Chapecoense players and management members in it. It was a total loss with 71 people dead from the 77 that boarded the flight.

The plane was back on the approach to Medellin when the incident happened. A few people who missed the flight got saved, the son of the Chapecoense coach did not board the flight as he forgot his passport. Unfortunately, his father died in this crash along with all the club members leaving a few survivors.

1: The Munich Disaster

The iconic Busby Babes got into a tragic end in Germany where their plane skid off the runway and crashed leading to the tragic loss of many players.

The main reason behind this tragedy was ‘Snow’. It is reported that the crew took two attempts in taking off but couldn’t due to the bad weather and thick covered snow on the runway with some engine problems too. 

In their third attempt when the crew was positive about making it the third time did not know that it will end up in a crash. It crashed near the airport fence and into a house. A total of 8 Manchester United players died in the crash along with 15 other passengers.

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