Most Yellow Carded Player In Football History?

It is a tradition for every player to get a yellow card in their career plenty of times while some players get them for fun. In the history of football at many times players have received yellow cards on multiple occasions for minor offences or misbehaving with the referee.

Getting a yellow card is not the worse thing to happen but it is enough to alert any player that he can cost the team that match if he gets sent off. No player has been spared from getting yellow cards but some are just prone to get yellow cards sometimes even without doing anything.

In the latest article of our Top 5 series – Most Yellow Carded Players in the History Of Football

1: Sergio Ramos 262

The Greatest Defender in the history of football has to be at the top of this list. Sergio Ramos is the player who gives his 100% on the pitch and can die to protect his crest. The player has a total of 262 yellow cards in his long career with Real Madrid and now finally after PSG. 

In just 2 matches he managed to get a double yellow and got sent off in the 85th min. It won’t be wrong to say that Sergio Ramos is the best bad boy in the history of the sport. Despite having the most yellow cards and second most red cards he is still loved and respected by millions for the career he had. 

No player will ever be able to overtake this record from Sergio Ramos.

2: Gerardo Torrado 228

The Sevilla man Torrado is a tornedo in defending.Our Mexican player won 228 yellow cards and has plenty of memories in his career. 

3: Dani Alves 210

The bad boy of FC Barcelona with the most number of titles under his belt also made this list. In his long career, he had pocketed many great players which sometimes end up him getting a yellow card. Alves is back in Camp Nou for his last dance and maybe add more titles to his already long list.

4: Xabi Alonso 197

The brain of Real Madrid is not expected to be up so high here with 197 cards. The style of player he is it is expected for him to get a few of these but it looks like he took his defensive responsibilities seriously and get so many of them.

5: Daniele Conti 190

It is impossible to talk about cards and keep Italians away from it. The Cagliari legend has been the backbone of his team eliminating most of the opposition attacks by getting down on the ground fearlessly.

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