Top 3 Football Moments Of This Century

In the history of this beautiful game, there have been many occasions where every fan felt like shouting their lungs out in happiness. Football has given us many lovely moments since the evolution of this sport. People who are born in the previous century knows the value of Diego Maradona’s hand of god epic goal for Argentina.

In the current century, there have been plenty of magical moments too. Some incidents might be too small for a faction of people or everything to the other.

Top 3 Football Moments Of This Century:

3: Cristiano Ronaldo equals Leo Messi Ballon D’Or tally:

Leo Messi won 4 consecutive Ballon D’Ors in the early stage of his career which is quite remarkable in itself. Cristiano won the award in 2008 and after that, he came second to Leo Messi thrice in four years. It would mean the death of morale if it was any other player but not Cristiano.

The Portuguese captain worked hard and won 4 more titles till 2017 to equal Messi’s numbers of the Ballon d’Or. If it was not for Cristiano our Argentine would have won plenty more titles in his name. Messi may be a perfect player but Cristiano is a complete athlete with sheer hard work and dedication.

Although Messi is now far ahead of Cristiano with 7 titles it looks like it might be too difficult for Ronaldo to equal him now.

2: Aguero hands Manchester City first Premier League

It’s impossible to talk about dramatic and lovely moments without talking about the best moment of the Premier League. Two rivals who were fighting for the title on the closing day with the game already finished for Manchester United where everyone has already started to feel like yet again they are the champions. 

Little did they know that Aguero wanted to fight till the last whistle and he scored in the stoppage time giving us the AGUEEEROOOOOOO unforgettable moment by Martin Tyler in the commentary. It was special for Man City as that was the first big thing their trophy cabinet ever received.

1: Luis Suarez – Hand of god

The people who were not born or too young to watch Diego Maradona’s hand of god got to see it with Luis Suarez. The player is so passionate about his country that he decided to do the work of goalkeeper too. In 2010 Luis Suarez intentionally saved a crucial goal against Ghana who was off this far in the World Cup. If that goal went in then it would’ve meant their first semi-final entry in their history.

The ref awarded a penalty for this foul and Suarez was off the field but sadly Asamoah Gyan missed the penalty and eventually ended up losing the match. The fact that Ghana lost the match makes this football memory the best otherwise it would’ve been the worse memory for Luis Suarez and Uruguay.

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