Will Leo Messi return as a new Barcelona manager?

Lionel Messi is the best thing that happened to Barcelona in their all-time history. The player breathes of Blaugrana and can die for this club. Love stories of this world are meant to end harshly and it did for them too. 

Leo Messi has dedicated his life to the crest of FC Barcelona. The club was forced to leave them because of poor financial decisions by the previous club presidents and managers. 

It almost looked like the perfect story ended in a very harsh way. Oil money ruined another club just for them to get more prestigious in a league where there is little to no competition.

Leo Messi did not give up on his club and has hopes of returning to FC Barcelona and helping them in future. At the time of his departure, he told his fans that this is not the end of him in the Blaugrana jersey.

In a recent interview, Lionel Messi gave hints about his future. The player said:

“I have always said that I would like to return to Barcelona to help the club in what can be useful. I would like to be a manager/technical secretary at the club one day.”

“I hope to return to Barcelona one day to help the club in the things that I might add.”

This is great news for the fans of FC Barcelona as they would love nothing more than getting their lost hero back. Leo dropped some controversial statements too in which he indirectly blamed Laporta for his exit.

Lionel Messi: “No one from the club asked me to play for free. I cut my salary in half and I was ready to help the club, but Laporta’s words hurt me and raised doubts that are not true…”

Nobody can doubt the love Messi have for Barcelona but life happened and now he’s adjusting in the new country with his new club. It is difficult for Leo to contribute but we all know that it would be mistaken if we underestimate the GOAT so soon.

The player and his family are trying to adapt to the new life and it’s getting normal for them. Leo further said: “I miss life in Barcelona, ​​but I am happy here in Paris.”

We might likely see Leo back in Spain but it might take a long time as the chances of him returning as a player is too low. Leo does not have enough experience to be a club manager and he won’t ruin his good image so he might have to manage a much lower side first and then join Barcelona to retain the throne which was snatched away from him. 

As of now, the Argentine is happy with his new club giving his 100% for them. Leo expressed his desire for winning another Champions League too which is possible with the amount of talent PSG have in their squad.

Sometimes we think it’s the end of the story but little do we know what life has reserved for us. It may be better or worse based on your experience but just know one thing in life. Good things come to those who wait.

The best part of the interview:

“Barcelona, it is the club that I love.”

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