Top 5 players with most own goals in football history

It is one of the only things everything hates on the field and defenders are more likely to go through it. Whenever an own goal occurs every single person look down with disappointment at the player who made it. In the course of history majority of their own goals happen due to an error while some own goals are plain stupid. However, it is the worse nightmare for a defender to get any of them.

Imagine how Shane Duffy would have been treated when he scored 3 own goals in two matches and also got sent off. If it would’ve been a young defender then it might be the end of his defending career or a major decline in getting selected.

Top 5 Players Having Most Own Goals In Football History:

5: Jamie Carragher – 7 Goals

One of the most established pundits of English football who was a fine player too scored a bit too many own goals in his career. A player who lives for Liverpool and spent 17 long years with them. In those years he managed to get 4 goals and 7 own goals for them. Carragher is also the first player to net two own goals in a single match. 

The amount of own goals scored by this player is much less than the amount of time he played. Getting 7 own goals in 17 years is not that bad.

Other prominent player who scored 7 own goals is Phil Jagielka

4: Martin Skrtel – 7 own goals

The fourth person on this list is also a Liverpool player. Martin Skrtel was a great defender in his prime and strikers used to fear going near him. At multiple times in his career, Skrtel made grave mistakes but still got the chance to play for them. In one season he managed to score 4 own goals and it took him just 5 seasons to score 7 of them. Despite making mistakes Skrtel was a good player and an angry one.

3: Ricardo Ferri – 8 Goals

A key player for Inter Milan who was the best player on the pitch during the 1980s. In his career with Nerazzurri, he won them Coppa, Serie A and UEFA victories in his career. Unfortunately, he is also the player with the most own goals in Serie A history. Another defender who scored more against his team than for them.

2: Franco Baresi – 8 Goals

One of the biggest players in the history of Italian football. Baresi was a part of AC Milan for 20 long years when he won pretty much everything. A fine player who is still remembered for the things he did for the Rossoneri. A player of his class scored 8 own goals in his career although he scored 20 goals for them too.

1: Richard Dunne – 10 goals

Manchester City fans can never forget Richard Dunne. In his career, Dunne played 400+ matches and scored 10 own goals. He also shares the record for the most red cards (8) with Patrick Vieira and Duncan Ferguson. It was during 2005-2008 when he Man City’s player of the season which makes him unforgettable for City fans.

In his career, there are a lot more good moments with some dull moments and getting 10 own goals tops them all.

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[…] Top 5 Player With Most Own Goals […]

[…] Top 5 Player With Most Own Goals […]