Top 10 Funny Moments In Football History

The Beautiful Game has given us loads of great memories while the maximum of them are good and a few are sad. We go through a lot of funny football clips every day be it a savage Ibrahimovic moment or Mourinho’s post-game conference.

In light of all the funny moments let us remember our top 10 funny moments in the history of football. The list may vary for each individual but we have tried to keep it as accurate as we could.

Top 10 Funny Moments In Football History:

10: Too Drunk To Move

Once in a Belarusian match, there was a referee who got drunk and couldn’t move away from the centre circle. A fixture between FC Naftan and FC Vitebsk was officiated under the hands of Sergei Shmolik who was reported ‘gestured like a clown’ by some people. 

In the first half people did not notice this change but as the second half began “he hardly moved around the pitch at all. By the end of the game the reason was evident to everyone” quoted by a spectator. The referee just stood near the centre circle and watched all the play from that position. In a key game like this, it shouldn’t have happened. However, the ref was suspended and faced punishment for his offence.


9: I Prefer Not To Speak

Golden words by the ‘Chosen One’. After a match between Chelsea and Aston Villa where Chelsea was victorious their club manager Jose Mourinho gave this hilarious quote in his Portuguese accent. 

Jose Mourinho said: “I prefer not to speak. If I speak, I am in big trouble”. It soon became a meme template for years to come by and never loses its charm.

8: Coach Explain How To Dive

In modern football, we have seen many players dive inside the box or on any part of the field to get a penalty or any advantage. The former Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal decided to educate his players about how to dive. 

The manager was trying to demonstrate the situation to Mike Dean as he was unhappy about the officiating. to explain better he reconstructed the scene and made this epic dive. One of the top funny moments of football.


7: Mascot Trolls Liverpool Captain

Imagine being in the tunnel with two great captains John Terry and Steven Gerrard before a match. This young Chelsea fan was the mascot of John Terry and he was clearly a big fan of this club.

As soon as the player enter the tunnel he said Gerrard in front of Steven Gerrard and then he noticed this young boy. The boy gestured to shake hands with him but ends up trolling the player. 


6: Choupo Moting Saves PSG goal

Yes, you read that right. One of the worse moments for any striker is to stop their team’s goal and Choupo Moting tops it all. It was a perfect shot from a tight angle too but it looks like the mind of Choupo Moting miscalculated and he did the defenders job.


5: How Big Does The Target Need To Be

Once upon a time, Fernando Torres used to charge the attack of Chelsea. The player has scored many great goals in his career for them but a miss under such circumstances is just bad. 

In a match between Chelsea and Manchester United, he missed an open goal opportunity. It was so bad the commentator had to say “How Big Does The Target Need To Be”.

4: 60 Shades Of Phil Jones

A great defender who could reach his prime was a masterpiece in his early days. The weird thing about Phil Jones is that he is remembered for the unique face he makes during a match.

It’s like one Jones enter the stadium and 4-5 of them play during the match. No matter what this Phil Jones moment will be remembered for many years to come.

3: Run-Adebayor-Run

Scoring in any game is great but scoring against your former team is special. Most of the players don’t react to anything as they know the emotional value the fans hold for him. Adebayor is not most players and he did the opposite. 

Emmanuel Adebayor scored against his former team Arsenal and ran the full length of the pitch just to celebrate against the fans of his former club. Clearly a bold move by him as the crowd was going furious by this gesture from the player.

2: Michy Batshuayi Epic Celebration

We do know the value a country has in the heart of any player. In the 2018 World Cup group stage match Belgium scored against a much stronger England and was the most crucial goal for them in that match. Every Belgian player and fan started celebrating but Batshuayi went ahead to first shoot himself in the face with football to realise that he’s not dreaming.

It looked like the player got excited and was kicking the ball in the net instead it hit the goal-post and in his face. A legendary World Cup moment for Michi Batshuayi.

1: Don’t Slip

Imagine someone who tells everyone not to do something and does the exact same thing himself. Well in this case it was rather accidental than intentional. 

 “So a few weeks before he does this big speech where he tells the boys to not let it slip – and then he SLIPS to lose them the title”. Gerrard after ManCity win said this to his team and it was recorded on camera.

The massive fact about this fixture is that it was between first Vs second. The outcome did not directly cost Liverpool the league title but it did affect their title race on a very crucial stage. 

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[…] Top 10 Funny Moments In Football History […]

[…] Top 10 Funny Moments In Football History […]

[…] Top 10 Funny Moments In Football History […]