It's Revenge Time in Champions League Draw 2021

The Champions League is back for the season 2021-22. The group tables are out and it can’t get any better than this. Many big teams will get their ‘Revenge’ in this season of the Champions League.


Big teams and rivals from the past will face each other in a tough battle for the best. The teams involved look well prepared for the action lying ahead and each team will give their opponent a tough time.

The people of FC Barcelona want revenge on Bayern Munich for the humiliation they had to face after the (8-2) defeat by them. On the other hand, Manchester United fans expect them to trash Villareal and get their revenge for losing the Europa League in the final.

Meanwhile, the Oil Clubs will fight against each other and PSG will look for their revenge against City for their Champions League humiliation. Liverpool didn’t qualify for the knockout stages because Atletico Madrid stopped them in their own home, the fans demand payback by the team for this insult to them.

In all the groups of the CL 2021, the Group B looks the most threatening and competitive. The teams collectively have 15 Champions League titles and all the teams from the group pose a big threat every year for winning the title. Atletico Madrid is hungry for it since the time where Ramos snatched the title away in the dying minutes.

PSG will do anything in their power to win the title this year as the team has invested a huge amount on signings and every person irrespective if they are a fan of PSG or not expects them to win it. With the addition of Lionel Messi and with a one-side team they look unstoppable. The

PSG team is filled with talents but the only weak link in their team is the manager. Pochettiho is not used to winning many titles and it may affect PSG in achieving their dream. The French giants lost the Ligue 1 title to LOSC Lille even after having a team 10X stronger than the Lille side.


Champions League 2021 Tables:

Group A:
Manchester City
Paris Saint Germain
RB Leipzig
Club Brugge

Group B:
Atletico Madrid
FC Porto

Group C:
Borrusia Dortmund
FC Ajax
Sporting CP

Group D:
Real Madrid
Shaktar Donetsk
Sheriff Tiraspol

Group E:
Bayern Munich
FC Barcelona
Dynamo Kviv

Group F:
Manchester United
Young Boys

Group G:
LOSC Lille

Group H:

One thing is sure that the next season of CL is full of surprises. The teams should get their well-deserved revenge back in the Champions League.

The Champions will face the Champions. It will be a battle among the best.

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