Bayern Boss Dortmund as they lift Super Cup 2021

The rulers of Germany once again ruled over their competitors. The defence of Munich is so tight that it’s very difficult for the opposition to get in.

Lewandowski again made his mark in the game and showed the world that he’s ready for the next season. The Poland national scored a brace, the first goal was from a powerful header followed by a 1v1 chance against the Dortmund goalkeeper.

Dortmund ace Erling Haaland couldn’t capitalize on the occasion and faced defeat in his first big match of this season. Haaland scored for BVB but his goal was ruled offside. The player was seen disappointed by the state his team was in. Haaland made offensive contact with Manuel Neuer which could’ve to lead to a red card if he got down on his face or chest.

Dortmund long time player and captain Marco Reus displayed a solid performance for his side. In the first half, he got an open chance of scoring for his team but Neuer saved it, the player scored an amazing goal in the second half to get his revenge and show that he’s still one of the best left-wingers in Bundesliga.


Bayern Munich lifts their first title under Julien Nagelssman, the team is more than ready for the next season as no other team are competitive enough to threaten the German Champions.

If Reus didn’t miss that early chance and Haaland wasn’t offside then surely the end result would’ve been different.

The German giants are expected to lose Sane and Goretzka in this transfer window or the next. The club president thinks that it is impossible to let both these players stay with the club.

The biggest rival of FC Bayern Munich had to face humiliation as Bayern lift the Super Cup 2021 easily. It won’t be a surprise if Bayern Munich won all the titles available in Germany for the next year.

The German Giants are Unstoppable.

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