3 Footballers who retired due to injury:

Football is the most energetic and knotty game where players on the pitch have to pull off things which are very difficult for most people. In many instances, a lot of players have to face serious challenges from other players which may end up badly for them. Over the course of time, many players have been the victim of serious and harsh challenges some of them were able to come back and recover while others were not so fortunate. 

In the recent past, we have seen players like Alexander Pato, Reus, Santi Cazorla, Eden Hazard, Daniel Sturridge and others being affected greatly by injuries. The good thing about them is that they are fortunate enough to play the beautiful game again. In the history of football, there have been many players who were not so fortunate and had to tie Shoes and retire from football. 

Top 3 players who have to end their Premier League career due to injuries:  

3: Ben Collett – Manchester United

Ben was one of the most promising young talents in the academy of Manchester United. He fought hard through the ranks and was ready to sign his professional contract with Manchester United as he was finally ready for it. Ben scored a goal in the FA Youth Cup final making him a prominent target for Manchester United and other teams. Unfortunately, there was something else in the fate of this young player and what happened next was shocking for him and all his fans. 

On 1 May 2003, when Ben was playing against Middlesbrough for United. The opponent player Gary Smith made an untimely tackle which led to the break of Collett’s leg. The injury was so strong that it became the reason for the end of Ben’s career. 

The worst part is that even before starting his career with Manchester United this, unfortunately, stopped him and he was never able to make it to professional football. Imagine if this did not happen and he went on to play for Sir Alex, how great would he have been and how much of a help he would have provided to the Red Devils.

2: Luc Nilis – Aston Villa

Luc is one of the most unlucky players who had to end their shining career due to an injury. We all know about Ruud Van Nistelrooy and how good he was back in his days. These two players used to play together at PSV and they had a great partnership between them. All these performances and miracles were greatly recognised by the scouts of the Premier League and he was considered a very prominent target in his time. Aston Villa manage to sign him while the other Premier League teams were also looking for the signature. Sadly it did not end well for Nilis. 

Luc Nilis was a very motivated player and he was always ready to go for the ball despite ending up in a serious situation. Nilis score a very beautiful goal but he did not know what was going to happen before the end of the game. The player was moving in for making a goal as he was passed (chipped) by his teammate and he was sure that he would have scored if he had contact with the ball. Unfortunately, he did not make contact with the ball and instead collided with the other team’s goalkeeper. He ended up suffering a compound injury to his leg which led him to never play the beautiful game again. 

A promising and shining talent had to end his career early due to this untimely collision.

1: David Busst – Coventry City

A long time ago when Coventry City used to play in the Premier League. David Busst was a prominent player in the team of Coventry City. During the match, goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel saved a shot and there was an opportunity for David to score the goal.  The defenders of Manchester United knew about this and they were soon on the spot to stop this attack. The intense tackle ended up making fractures to his leg and it was a very devastating image for all the people on the pitch. It was so dreadful that Peter had to vomit on the pitch seeing his condition. 

This one tackle was the reason for the end of David’s career. The player had to undergo 26 surgeries and could never recover from it.

Football is an intense game which is played between 2 teams and some very passionate players. We need to be very careful on the pitch and you should avoid situations that might be bad for other people even if they are playing for the opponent team or yours. These three are a just few of the heroes who had to end their careers early but in history, there have been many players who have faced such situations in life which they did not imagine. 

Always remember one thing when you are on the pitch you are responsible for yourself and other players as well and you should keep that in mind throughout the match.

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