Complete list of clubs Gareth Bale Played:

Gareth Bale is a player whose career is filled with iconic moments and priceless memories. No Real Madrid fan can forget the solo run goal against Barcelona in the finals of Copa Del Rey back in 2014. Some might even think that Bale retired much early than expected yet his career is better than many other great players. Not many players have 5 Champions League titles in their cabinet. The best part is that his contribution to Bale was significant in the titles that he has lifted in his career.

The journey of Gareth Bale in the world of football is not too long but still legendary. Bale will always be regarded as one of the legends of Real Madrid and Wales. He started his journey with Southampton where he joined the youth academy. So far, Bale has played for a total of 4 teams representing Southampton, Tottenham Hotspur, Real Madrid and Los Angeles FC

Gareth Bale Club Timeline:

1: Southampton (2006-2007)

2: Tottenham Hotspur (2007-2013) and (2021-2022)

3: Real Madrid (2013-2022)

4: LAFC (2022-2023)

Gareth Bale Stats by Club:

Tottenham Hotspur2377258
Real Madrid25810667

Gareth Bale Stats by Club:

Gareth Bale Club Stats:

All clubs Gareth Bale played in:

1: Southampton (2006-2007)

It all started for the Welshman in Southampton. Bale is a fast player and had extraordinary speed from a young age. When he was 14 years old he ran a 100m race in just 11.4 seconds, a record very difficult for any ordinary child to complete. The people who coached Bale realised that he is not ordinary and that helped him in shaping his career. In 2006 Bale made it to the team of Southampton from the youth team of the club. It was a big moment for Bale and he successfully seized this opportunity. He won a lot of hearts in the very first season and won the ‘Young Player Of The Year’ award too.

2: Tottenham Hotspur (2007-2013)

All the good performances paid off and finally, he was getting the attention of big clubs from England. Tottenham was the first one to place a bid for him and they succeeded in it. Tottenham signed Bale for a reported £10 million on a 4-year contract. The time that Bale spent in Spurs is very underrated and people don’t realise how good he was for the club. Bale won the English League Cup (Carabao Cup) with Spurs in 2008, it is a big achievement for any player to win anything with Spurs. He also won the Player Of The Year award in 2013 for the performances he made for them.

Gareth is fast, skilled and passionate about football. In his career, the player had played in several positions on the pitch. What started as a left-back ended up being a right-winger for Real Madrid. Bale was more of a defender when he started his career but later after moving to Tottenham he saw his true talent lies in the attacking positions. He made his first career hat trick in a marvellous in San Siro against Inter Milan in the Champions League. He increased his contract till 2015 with Spurs after a successful spell with the club.

The year 2013 was the career-defining moment of Gareth Bale. He won three huge awards in the same year (PFA Player of the year, Young player of the year and FWA Footballer of the year). Only two players have completed this achievement in the history of the Premier League, the other player was none other than Cristiano Ronaldo.

3: Real Madrid (2013-2022)

The songs of Bale were sung throughout the world. Real Madrid is a club that knows how to efficiently spend their money. It was certain that Bale would not come cheap if Madrid wants to sign him, it was a big investment for the club and they went ahead with it. In 2013 Real Madrid signed Bale for a world record fee of around €100.8 million. It was a big move for Real Madrid and one which proved that their investment was worth it.

It started slow for Bale in Madrid as he was surrounded by injuries and also it take players some time to fit into the new system in 2013. The player was developing his playing style to the style of Madrid and he worked hard to achieve it. The year 2014 was the season he truly introduced himself to the world that he was a real ‘Galactico’. Bale scored his first El Clasico goal in the most iconic way by sprinting past Marc Batra to win the Copa Del Rey for Madrid in the last 5 minutes of the match.

Gareth Bale has shown up on the biggest of occasions for Real Madrid. He scored in the extra time of the Champions League final against Atletico Madrid to complete an iconic comeback against the rivals and win the UCL. In 2016 he made the assist in the Champions League final that kept them in the match against their rivals Atletico Madrid and eventually they won the title on penalties. In 2018 he scored one of the most beautiful goals in the history of the Champions League against Liverpool in the final. All these achievements made him one of the very best and he earned his place among the legends of the game. 

If injuries did not exist then Bale would have had a different career with much more goals and glories.

4: Tottenham Hotspur (2021-2022)

The player was surrounded by many rumours back in 2020 and his form also declined. The club saw it fit to send him on loan back to Tottenham and maybe he will get his form back after the loan. Bale was back in Tottenham but the situation was different from his time. He did his best to provide the team with good performances and even scored several goals for them. After the loan was over he went back to Real Madrid. Although he did not get enough game time and it was clear that he will leave the club in 2022.

5: LAFC (Los Angeles FC) (2022-2023)

The big doors were no longer available for Bale as his great form declined in recent years. Los Angeles signed him in 2022 in a shocking move for his fan throughout the world. Bale was not a regular starter but he was very beneficial for the team. The best memory for Bale in LA would be when he scored in the 128th minute to tie the match (3-3) and eventually win on penalties. He helped LAFC win their first MLS Cup and also won the Supporters Shield with them.

People expected to see Bale for a longer duration on the American side as he was just 33 years old. The player saw it best to hang his boots at this moment and so Bale announced his retirement from the club and international football on 9th January 2023.

International Career:

Bale is the most successful player in the history of Wales. He won the Wales player of the year award 6 times in 7 years. Bale was the ultimate captain any team can ask for as his performances were clearly visible. The version of Bale playing for his country was different than the club version. He scored many beautiful goals and made sure his country qualified for the World Cup 2022. Bale is the most capped player in the history of Wales. He is also the all-time top record goalscorer for Wales with 40 goals in 111 matches. Unfortunately, it is difficult for one man to carry the team to win titles.

The Wales captain did his best but could not win anything with his country. The people of Wales still love him for what he did and will always be a legend for the country.

What was the highest transfer value of Gareth Bale?

The highest transfer value of Gareth Bale was €90.00 million in 2018 after Real Madrid won the 3rd Champions League title.

What is the net worth of Gareth Bale?

The net worth of Gareth Bale is around $150 million in 2023. Bale signed with some of the biggest clubs in football and earned himself a fortune.

Is Gareth Bale the fastest footballer in the history of football?

Bale is one of the fastest players in the world with a top speed of 36.90 km/h. or. 22.93 mp/h. He is known for his solo run goal sprinting past the Barcelona team in 2014.

Is Gareth Bale retired?

The Welsh captain Gareth Bale took his retirement on 9th January 2023 from the club and international football.

Does Gareth Bale like golf?

Bale does not only like golf he owns called Par 59. He was known for spending more time with golf than with other club players during the ending stages of his career at Real Madrid.

How many times did Gareth Bale win the Champions League?
The ex-Real Madrid player Gareth Bale has won the Champions League for 5 times in his career.

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