Top 10 Fastest Players In Football History

In the world of football, it is important for each player to have this trait. No matter if the player is highly skilled in other things but if he can’t manage with the pace of his team then he can’t help them in the attack. It is one of the main reasons why the defensive midfielders are also trained to run fast and more to catch up with the attack. The best example is Ngolo Kante who is always on top gear till the last whistle.

History suggests that the players who have played before were faster than the one’s we see now but due to the lack of technology we couldn’t calculate their speed. Some people also claim Thiery Henry to be the fastest player ever. The list of quick players is long and every source has a different position for these players.

Who is the fastest player of all time?

10: Frank Ribery – 30.7 KM/H

FC Bayern fans understand how quick Ribery once was. One of the best driving forces of the German giants who paved the way for glory for his club.

9: Leo Messi – 32.5 KM/H

The PSG player is known for surprising everyone with crazy career stats. Leo Messi may not be the best sprinter out here but he surely has the best acceleration and control while having the ball at his feet. Once Messi gets the ball inside the attacking zone he either scores or makes a great opportunity for his team.

8: Cristiano Ronaldo – 33.6 KM/H

The Manchester United star is known for running inside the box for every attack his team makes. In his time at Real Madrid and Juventus he troubled defenders with his infinite stamina and quick pace. Despite turning 36 Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the fastest players on earth. Even in 2022, he can give defenders a hard time to catch him.


7: Gareth Bale – 34.7 KM/H

It is impossible to talk about speed and not include Gareth Bale. The player has scored beautiful goals by sprinting from long distances with the ball on his feet. One such crucial performance ended the career of Marc Batra in FC Barcelona making it the best goal in the history of the Copa Del Rey Finals. Bale is so good when it comes to running that he deserves to be on the top of this list.

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6: Theo Walcott – 35 KM/H

People expected Walcott to be among the best but unfortunately, things did not turn out in his favour. He had all the skills required to be a great player and even Pep Guardiola used to fear him.

5: Antonio Valencia – 35.1 KM/H

One of the best fullbacks of the last decade was faster than many of the strikers of his time. Valencia was quicker than Bale, Cristiano and Walcott in his prime with Manchester United.

4: Erling Haaland – 36.04

The new beast of world football is unstoppable when he starts to run. The BVB Dortmund player uses the perfect combination of long legs and a strong body to sprint inside the opposition’s defence easily.

3: Kylian Mbappe – 36.08

The French wunderkind is known for many talents and one of them is running. In 2022 he is the fastest player in FIFA and also in real life.

2: Alphanso Davies – 36.51 KM/H

FC Bayern has gifted the world of football with some exceptional full-backs in their history. Alphanso Davies follows that tradition as he looks promising enough to handle the void created after the departure of Philip Lahm. One of the best traits of Davies is speed and he is faster than many strikers out there.

1: Arjen Robben – 37 KM/H

During the World Cup 2014, this dutchman sprinted past Sergio Ramos against Spain with a speed of 37 KM/H making him the fastest player ever. Robben is known for making solo goals as he cuts into the defence confidently. Back in his day defenders had a hard time stopping Robben in his favourite position on the wing.

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