Top 5 Dribblers Of Football World

Since the start of football, the tradition is still followed by everyone. The person who dribbles the best wins the trophy or the hearts of many people. It is a very important part of football if not the most important part. No striker or midfielder can be among the best if they don’t know how to dribble. Fortunately, football has given us exceptional dribblers in every decade. The people who saw Ronaldinho in his prime say he is the best while the people who saw Maradona think that he is the best. On the other hand, extremely experienced and old people know how good Pele was in his prime.

Dribblers indeed make the best memories as they do things that are pretty on the eyes and pretty difficult to pull off the infield. Since most of us are young and didn’t get to watch Pele or Maradona we made a list of the best dribblers of this century.

Who is the best dribbler in football history?

5: Cristiano Ronaldo

It might be a surprise for many people that Cristiano is not among the top 3 in this category. Despite having a great career filled with beautiful performances he is our number 5 having around 860+ dribbles. People can’t forget the version of Ronaldo who played for Manchester United in his early career. The skill and talents of Ronaldo have been unbelievable making him worthy of being on this list.

4: Sergio Aguero

The player who gave us the greatest moment in the history of the Premier League also gave us beautiful performances over the years. It has been a rollercoaster ride for Manchester City fans and this man was the driving force of their victories. The magical spell of Pep Guardiola happened under Aguero who dribbled past many times to go all in and score from extremely tight angles.

It’s a rare achievement as a striker to have completed so many dribbles in his career. Unfortunately, Sergio Aguero had to hang his boots due to his recent heart condition. Only if injuries didn’t exist this player would have had a much grand end to an already magical career.

3: Frank Ribery

It was a remarkable long spell by Frank Ribery in Munich. Frank Ribery won 24 titles with them making him one of the most successful players of FC Bayern Munich. All of Bayern fans can’t forget Ribery on the left-wing and Robben on the right. This duo was perfect in all sense and marked the start of one of the most fruitful periods of Bayern Munich.

2: Eden Hazard

The prince of Stamford Bridge was unstoppable in his prime. All the defenders could only watch and pray because he was a master of his art. Even after leaving Chelsea, he is still loved by their fans for everything he did for them. In his prime Hazard used to slice inside the defence just like a knife on butter. It was too easy for him to retain the title of the best dribbler in the Premier League for many years.

Everyone expected much more from him but after his transfer to Real Madrid injuries have made his career performance and stats weak. In recent years he did not provide much for Real Madrid and is yet to make a huge mark for them as people expected him to be. However, the player still has more assists than many of the midfielders out there even after missing game time. The Chelsea legend has around 1230+ career assists making him the second-best dribbler of this decade.

1: Lionel Messi

Who else? The greatest dribbler in the history of football is Lionel Andres Messi. This player defines the term consistency with his performances over the years. No matter what stage it is Leo always gives his level best to make his side win. We have seen defenders try and do everything they can to stop him but he never gives up. Sometimes it ends up ugly for Leo as they attempt rash fouls on him or just pull him down because they can’t stop him. 

In 2020-21 Messi made 4.7 successful dribbles per 90 mins at the age of 33. Most players try to keep it easy but not the Greatest Player Of All Time. Leo Messi has around 1900+ dribbles in his career making him the best dribbler in the history of football. 

Leo Messi is a joy to watch, the Best.

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