Bayern Munich Destroy Barcelona in the Champions League Group Stage

Barcelona and the tale of their broken Champions League dream continues. Bayern was the better side right from the kick-off and got the better of their opponents to get those 3 important points. The game was well balanced but one party managed to capitalize on their chances while the other lost their composure in front of the goal.

Today’s Champions League fixtures make it clear that some managers need to leave their club or gain more experience someplace else. Ole failed Manchester United and Koeman didn’t do Barcelona justice either. The tactics and positions of Barca players were very easy for Bayern players to understand and stop their attacks. FC Bayern Munich would have won by 4-5 more goals if they were sharper in attack and if Ter Stegen didn’t make great saves in goal. 


The young Jamal Musiala dribbled past Barca players and had the same numbers of dribbles from the whole Barca team in the first half. The German wall Manuel Neuer wasn’t troubled by Barca players either.  On the other hand, Davies was too quick for Barcelona to control but they somehow managed to catch him in all his attacks. Araujo was clearly the best defender for Barcelona tonight.

Muller loves to score against FC Barca as he gets his 7th goal from 6 matches against them. There’s no stopping to Muller, he gave himself a late birthday gift by scoring tonight. The player now has 49 European goals in his name.

Robert Lewandowski has now scored in 18 consecutive Bayern Munich matches. Lewa wasn’t involved for most of Bayern’s attack but the penalty box predator can’t miss from such a distance. Lewandowski got a brace in his name to help Bayern destroy Barcelona.

A worrying sign for Barca fans as they managed to get 0 shots in the first half. The strikers don’t look sharp enough and they lack to provide the quality that Barcelona is used to.

It almost looked liked Barcelona played without a coach, all by themselves. If Barcelona wants to lift anything this season then they need to get their head up and get more creative in attack. The post Messi era is haunting for FC Barcelona

Bayern Munich march on to the next Champions League match in style. The Polish striker was expected to destroy Barcelona and he did. The German champions look strong for any team and they are one of the favourites to win the Champions League.

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