Juventus To Take Drastic Decision After Ronaldo Exit

The Champions of Italy are losing at the very start of the season and people are pointing fingers in all the direction. Napoli won over Juventus to mark a second consecutive defeat this season, with only 1 point acquired from 3 games it would be easy to say that the season ahead will be difficult.

The highest goalscorer from the previous season and the main striker of Juventus left them. The departure of the main attacker can disrupt the confidence of that team. People were confident about Juventus managing the league even without Cristiano. It won’t be wrong to say that the exit of Ronaldo created a void in Juventus which will take some time to fill.

At the start of this season, Allegri was seen experimenting with his squad and he failed miserably. The next games went from bad to worse for his side. Allegri is looked like the best man who can help Juventus achieve glory just like he did in the past with them. The manager is planning new strategies for every match but it won’t work out with Dybala or Mc Kennie in the centre.

The Italian captain Chiellini indirectly blamed Cristiano for holding back Paulo Dybala. The player said “This will be Paulo Dybala’s team. Over the last couple of years, he lowered his average goals because of Cristiano’s presence, but he is a key player for this team and that is recognised by everyone.” The reason why Dybala did not score many goals is due to injuries and now that he’s fit he will get the numbers up again.

Chiellini praised Ronaldo in the same interview for everything he did for the club in these two years. “We must be grateful to Cristiano for all he did during these years at Juventus, but we carry on”.

He still believes that Juventus can come out as Champions even after the departure of Cristiano. The team have the potential to lift the title but only if all the players give their maximum efforts.

Some critics of Juventus and Cristiano blame him for the loss of this club. After the second debut of Cristiano in the Premier League, he managed to score a brace against Newcastle United. Giancarlo Marocchi blamed him for playing as a centre forward and not in the position he used to play in Juventus. 

“I noticed he played a centre forward yesterday, which is something he refused to do when he was at Juventus,” the former Italy winger, now a pundit for Sky Sport Italia, as quoted by Football Italia.

The claim by Giancarlo has no logic as the fans of Juve saw Ronaldo play in the attacking forward position more than he played in the wing. 

The Juventus management will take many big decisions about the future of their club and players. The recent arrival of Locatelli and Moise Kean may change their fate but they are yet to do any wonders for the bianconeri. Dybala will again be the main man of Juventus and now he needs to step up and make his career remarkable as he has the potential of being the best.


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