Luka Modric Career - The man you know the story you don't

What started as a way to escape grenades and bombs ended in the origin of a Croatian legend. The man who can dribble past multiple players had to save himself from rockets coming from the sky. The kid whose grandfather was captured and executed while they had to flee from their own house. The story of Luka Modric is nothing less than any Hollywood survival movie.

Where it all started:

On 9 September 1985 Modric was born in the mountains of Velebit in Croatia. This young child didn’t know what lies ahead in his life. At the age of 5, he used to help his family by shepherding on the mountains of Velebit. Soon things started to get bad to worse for him amid the Croatian War Of Independence started in 1991. All the people around him were in chaos as the attacks started to get more fierce from both sides. 

The worse part of Luka Modric’s childhood is when he lost his grandfather after being captured by the Serbs. Later on, his father joined the Croatian army too and little Lukita couldn’t help his family much as he was only 9 years old. Playing football was the only getaway for him and he trained himself in such bad conditions.



The first big break in Luka’s career was when he signed for Dinamo Zagreb on a 10-year contract. Eventually, his situation started to get better and he finally could afford to buy a house for his family as they were living in a hotel due to financial issues. The player impressed many scouts and fans to such an extent that Premier League clubs started taking interest in him.

Modric signed a six-year contract with Tottenham in 2008. The start of his career in London was slow but after some time the player again impressed Spurs fans, people used to love him and some people rate him in their top 5 Tottenham players ever. He had a charm in his style of football and everyone started to notice it.

The biggest highlight of Modric’s career is when he signed for Real Madrid. In 2013 Perez bought Modric for £30 million from Tottenham on a five-year contract. The start of his career in Madrid was too bad and he was regularly judged by the fans. The same year majority of sports agencies named Modric as the worst signing for the season in world football. 

After the departure of Jose Mourinho, everything changed for him. The new position and responsibility given to him by Carlo Ancelotti suited him and he excelled in La Liga. In a very short time, he was seen as the top defender of La Liga and was often compared with Iniesta and Xavi by Real Madrid fans. The efforts of Modric were seen on the pitch as his team went on to win a hat-trick of Champions League titles.

It was time for Modric to make his name in the history books. In 2018 the player won the biggest title any footballer can put their hands on. Luka Modric won the Ballon D’or after a very successful season with club and country. He is the only player to end the Cristiano and Messi dominance from Ballon D’or since 2007. 



Modric love to play for his country Croatia. He is the most capped player in the history of Croatia and easily the best man on the team for a long time. The player contributed greatly to the FIFA 2018 World Cup and led his team to the finals. He won the golden ball and the best player of the tournament award for completing this achievement.

At the age of 36, he continues to perform just like he used to in his prime and always strives to do the best for his country.

People can argue about him being the best midfielder ever, those people should understand that Modric stayed constant throughout all this time. The life he leads during the war period can break a person and mark scars that can stay for a lifetime. The people who want the change do get it. Modric worked hard to reach this level and for that he deserved the Ballon d’Or.

The player will always be remembered as a Real Madrid legend and Madrid will always be his home. Idemo Modric. Vamos.

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