Cristiano face his Portugese and Real Madrid friend on pitch

Cristiano Ronaldo and Pepe know each other from the start of their career’s in Portugal. Their bond got intensified when Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid where Pepe used to dominate the defense with Sergio.

Ronaldo and Pepe share a great bond and are good friends on & off the pitch.
Cristiano spent 299 minutes on the pitch against Pepe and never scored a goal.

The 38 year old Pepe got the better of him every time he tried to score, he is still better than many young defenders out there. Pepe is one of the main reason why Juventus lost.

One of the best highlight of the match is when when the two players clashed inside Juventus’s box. Ronaldo said to his compatriot: “Play it, I am going to win. And it will be with you on the pitch. I am going to win and it will be with you on the pitch.”
Cristiano share most number of games with Pepe than any other player. The best Portugese duo.
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