Pedri or Gavi? Who is a Better Player?

The whole world works on a basic principle of younger generations taking over any profession. In the football industry, every year young and aspiring players step onto the field to prove themselves and earn themselves the honours, popularity, and most importantly the respect that they aspire for. The old heroes are either moving away from the top 5 leagues or retiring. 

We are saddened to see one of the best eras in the history of football. Life will take its course and new players will emerge to take the place of the old idols. The circle of life stops for no one and what we are experiencing is the start of something great.

Gavi is a 19-year-old professional Spanish footballer who plays as a central midfielder for the La Liga giants Barcelona. Being a very young and talented player his performance has been impressive throughout his career. He started his career in his hometown club La Liara Balompie where he played for 2 years and then he moved into the youth academy of club Real Betis where he had a good youth career and his code a total of 95 goals for the youth team. 

Pedri is a 20-year-old young Spanish footballer who plays as a central midfielder for Barcelona and the Spanish National Football Team. If we talk about his game sense he is considered a very intelligent player on the field and has also been creative with the ball having high stamina and work rate capabilities. He was born in the Canary Islands and started his career as a centre-back. He played in the Juventud Laguna till 2018. 

1: Player Stats

If we take a look at the club stats of both growing future football stars who have started their career in Barcelona it would be better if we compare these two players based on their overall stats as they are not very old and there is not a huge difference in their age and playing experience as well. However both the players have been performing exceptionally well since the start of their career in their youth Academy and both players were an important asset to their youth career.

The potential of these players was spotted from the very start of their careers and it is commendable to see them developing to the level that they are now continuing The legacy of a giant club like Barcelona which has a history of great players attached to them in the past. 


 Taking a clear look at the stats we can see that Gavi has played fewer matches than Pedri. However, Pedri is one year older than Gavi and is a bit more experienced than him as he played in Las Palmas as well where he appeared in 36 matches scoring four goals. And Gavi played only three matches with the youth division of Barcelona and the rest of his career started with the senior team.

We must also not forget the time when Pedri played almost every match for Barcelona and Spain when they needed him the most. So if we consider the stairs of both the players in Barcelona to make it fair for Gavi it is evident that there is no huge difference between the players but Pedri can be considered a more assistive player from the team point of view. So, Pedri has a slight edge in this category.

2: Titles 

Pedri and Gavi both are very young and none of them has even reached 150 matches with their respective clubs. And we can say that the major starting of the career of both players is from the same club as they play for Barcelona. So if we take a look at the number of honors these players have won we will find a difference but not a major difference. Based on the team performance here are the titles that they have won with their club. 

Titles Won by Gavi:

La Liga 2022-23

Supercopa de España 2022-23


Titles Won by Pedri

La Liga 2022-23

Copa del Rey 2020-21

Supercopa de España 2022-23

Based on the above stats before moving up to any conclusion one thing that we can clearly observe from this data is that both places were a part of the 2022 La Liga winning team and 2022 Supercopa winning team. So we can see that there is not a very big difference in this category as well but since this is a comparison between these two players we must conclude a winner in this category.

Pedri leads with one extra trophy, so he is a clear winner here but with a very slight margin.

3: Individual Honors

It is going to be interesting to find out which player leads the chart when it comes to individual honours as this segment is considered to be one of the most important segments when comparing two players especially when they are from the same team and of the same age group as well. 

Gavi’s Individual Honors:

Kopa Trophy 2022

Golden Boy 2022

IFFHS Men’s Youth U-20 Team- 2022

IFFHS Men’s Youth U-20 UEFA Team 2022

Trofeo Aldo Rovira 2021-22


Pedri’s Individual Honors:

UEFA Champions League Breakthrough 2020

UEFA European Championship Young Player of the Tournament 2020

UEFA European championship team of the tournament 2020

Golden boy 2021

Kopa trophy 2021

IFFHS World’s Best Youth Player 

IFFHS Men’s World Youth Team


La Liga Team of the Season

Trofeo Aldo Rovira

Premi Barca Jugadors

There is no need for a very lengthy explanation in this area as it is clear from the above data that Pedri has more individual honours as compared to Gavi. We must also acknowledge both these youngsters are very promising and have won the Golden Boy award. These two players will end up as the best players of football in the future. 

4: International Career

Gavi and Pedri, both young sensations and future stars play for the Spanish National Team. If we talk about the international career of these young players not a long list can be obtained as the place are very young and have a long career left to establish themselves in the international football scene. However, we will take a look at the available data that we have that which player has performed better on the international stage and what is their record with the national team. 


 In all the categories discussed, we have seen that Pedri won in every single category. No matter what the difference was, he won in every category. However, we can see here that he has played more international matches and has also scored 4 goals with the national team while the latter has not scored in 18 matches. 

So we have a clear winner in this category Gavi is leading the charts when it comes to international matches played an international success as well. However, we do not have an idea what will happen in the future and what these players have in their destiny. But one thing that we must admit they have a bright future ahead irrespective of who will be better than whom.

5: Personal Life

Gavi is a young player and he has been performing well with a lot of focus and dedication towards his football career. He is very much concerned about his career and as per the sources he is still single and he wants to develop and establish himself as a very successful footballer in the future. However not much about his personal life is revealed by himself but it is known that he is not dating anyone and his net worth is approximately $5 million.

Taking a look at Pedri’s personal life, he is also not dating anyone and he currently focuses more on establishing himself in the football industry. He is considered one of the greatest young players in Barcelona’s history. The Golden Boy award winner comes from a very humble background and his parents run a roadside bar that serves traditional food. Regarded as one of the most hard-working and successful young players of this generation his net worth is around $4.1 million.

Pedri Vs Gavi? Who is the better player?

We have compared both young players of Barcelona on many major aspects. Through that, we have clearly seen that Pedri is ahead in most of the key areas. It wouldn’t be wrong to consider them as almost equal to each other because it was a tough competition and there was not a big difference noticeable in any of the categories.

Comparing Pedri and Gavi is like comparing Xavi and Iniesta, which is very difficult for any football critic. Based on the above comparison we have Pedri as the winner of this comparison.

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