Federico Valverde Or Pedri Gonzalez? Who is the better player?

Federico Valverde is the prince of midfield who was expected to be the king and a dominant force in midfield after the end of Modric and Toni Kroos. Real Madrid relies hugely on the midfielders as the best of their attacks are counter-attacks. The President of Real Madrid knows this and has secured the future by signing Aurélien Tchouameni and Eduardo Camavinga to create a new trio which can again make Madrid dominate Spain and Europe.

Pedri is a world-class talent and the Golden Boy of this decade. In the last few seasons, Barcelona was not doing very good after the departure of Leo Messi and the addition of financial problems just made it worse. In those times the team heavily relied on their youth talents such as Pedri, Gavi and Riqui Puig. Among all the young players Pedri has achieved come on top and help the team to stay competitive throughout the season, he played the maximum number of matches possible in a season despite being 18 years old.


Valverde Vs Pedri?

1: Player Stats

The two bright young talents that play for the biggest rival clubs have shown us some of the best stats in recent times. Both of them play as midfielders and we cannot expect a lot of goals from them as the main goal of midfielders is to assist the strikers in scoring goals. The new season is going remarkable for Valverde as he is starting to get into the box from the right wing and score or assist for the teamComparing them based on the best season they have had in their career until now. In the case of Valverde the best season was 19/20 while for Pedri is 20/21


Pass Success %89%88%
Tackle Success %61%45%

In terms of Personal Stats, Pedri is the clear winner as he has better G/A contributions for the team. One thing we must note here is that Valverde is better than him when it comes to passing and defending.

2: Titles Won

The Spaniard won just one title with FC Barcelona as the recent years haven’t been too fruitful for them. However, the addition of Robert Lewandowski is changing the scene for Barcelona as they are back on track and are competing for big titles again.


Federico Valverde has more trophies than many prominent players out there and it would be easy to predict that by the end of his career he will have a huge trophy cabinet filled with League titles and European victories. Pedriis 3 years older than Valverde giving him more time to achieve the same titles or more in the upcoming years.

As things stand Valverde is the winner in this category.

Champions League10
La Liga20
Spanish cup01
UEFA Supercup10


3: International Career

Valverde made his national debut for Uruguay in 2017. Since then he has tried to help his team to his maximum capabilities. The player hasn’t won anything yet with his country but all his fans firmly believe he will win an international trophy with Uruguay in the future. 

Pedri had the most appearance for any player (73) in the club and international team. The critics of Euro 2020 termed Pedri as the best Spaniard on the pitch and some people termed him as ‘New Xavi’. The player contributed to Euro 2020 and the Tokyo Olympics but unfortunately, they couldn’t win. Despite having a young age Pedri’s contribution was great for his country.

The upcoming 
World Cup hosted by Qatar will be a big chance for both of them to make their name internationally. Spain is indeed more favourite to win the World Cup compared to Uruguay but we cannot cancel them out as anything is possible at the World Cup 2022.

4: Personal Life

Valverde is a man who loves his family and football, he also has a son Benicio Valverde. Benicio watches the matches of Real Madrid and motivates his father to be the best player on the field. Valverde is also focused to secure the starting 11 position for Real Madrid and making a midfield dominance for himself in world football.

Pedri is a player who loves his family and football. Other things that he likes are music, driving around, eating and playing the maximum number of matches as he has great stamina.

5: Individual Honours

It is suggested by all the pundits of English football that the best way to compare two players is to compare their glories. If a player is genuinely good then he will surely be rewarded for his performance.


Individual honours of Federico Valverde:

  • FIFA U-20 World Cup Silver Ball: 2017
  • UEFA LaLiga Revelation Team of the year: 2019–20
  • La Liga Player of the Month: September 2022


Individual honours of Pedri Gonzalez:

  • UEFA Champions League Breakthrough XI: 2020
  • UEFA European Championship Young Player of the Tournament: 2020
  • UEFA European Championship Team of the Tournament: 2020
  • Trofeo Aldo Rovira: 2020–21
  • Golden Boy: 2021
  • Kopa Trophy: 2021
  • IFFHS World’s Best Youth (U20) Player: 2021


Pedri is ahead of Valverde in this category. He is the clear winner here.

Who is the better player?

The above comparison shows us that in most of the areas Pedri is leading Valverde and that he is better than him. The young Barcelona Golden Boy is a master of his art at just the age of 19. People can see that he is always confident on the ball and always knows his next moves just like Xavi or Iniesta did in their early careers.

On the other hand, Valverde is much more complete and versatile than Pedri. He can play in any position on the field and still dominate the position. The real reason why people tend to praise Valverde as he played among the likes of Luka Modric, Kroos and Casemiro. The bad part about playing with great players is that your contributions are sidelined. In Pedri’s case, the club was struggling with enough good players to start with and the media made it look like Pedri was carrying Barcelona when he wasn’t.

If you analyze both the players on the field it will be clear that Valverde is much better than Pedri on the field. He has marked his presence known in some of the biggest matches for Real Madrid and can play for 90 whole minutes while sprinting as he has unmatched stamina. The important thing here is that both Valverde and Pedri fit perfectly in the system of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

How many UCL has Valverde won?

Federico Valverde won 1 UEFA Champions League title with Real Madrid in the year 2021/22.

What does Val Verde mean?

According to Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, old-fashioned French and other languages Val is translated to be a valley and the whole name ‘Val Verde’ is translated to Green Valley.

Where is Pedri Gonzalez born?

Pedri was born in 2002 in the Canary Islands. He is a Spanish citizen and is part of the Spanish National Squad.

What is the market value of Valverde and Pedri?

The market value of Valverde is £72.00m while the market value of Pedri is £81.00m.

What is the net worth of Federico Valverde?

The net worth of Real Madrid player Federico Valverde is around $4 million.

What is the net worth of Pedri Gonzalez?

The net worth of Barcelona player Pedri is reported around $9.4 million.

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