Jamal Musiala Or Pedri? Who Is The Better Player?

When it comes to world football, these two clubs are involved in every major competition for decades. FC Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona are the champions of their country and they never fail to surprise us with the style of football both of these team plays. The two teamas are the breeding grounds for some of the biggest talents of this world.

The two giants of football want their dominance to stay in future and to achieve this they have to invest in youngsters who have the potential to be future stars for their club. In their case, both of them have a star-kid of their own.

Bayern Munich has 18-year-old Jamal Musiala, born and raised in Germany who is linked with them since 16 years of age. It is shocking that Barcelona got themselves a world-class player from another academy and not from the famous ‘La Masia’. FC Barcelona signed Pedri from Las Palmas in 2019. In 2023 both of these players have shown their worth to the fans all around the world and now they are among the most talented players of this era.

1: Personal Stats

Jamal Musiala and Pedri Gonzalez have the same age but one is ahead of the other in terms of goals while the other is better in different things.

Jamal Musiala 23-24Pedri 23-24
Goals: 11Goals: 6
Assists: 10Assists: 3

In terms of goals, Musiala is ahead while Pedri has the genes of other Spanish midfielders making him good at assists. The two players play in an equally strong club but FC Bayern Munich is stronger than Barcelona and that may help Musiala edge on Pedri in personal stats.

2: Club

Jamal Musiala was born in Germany but he spent most of his childhood in England. The player has also played for England (U21/U17/U16/U15). The player was eventually bought from Chelsea youth academy and now he gets the first-team action in FC Bayern Munich.

Pedri has been in Spain his whole life and has juggled between just two Spanish teams. The early career of Pedri isn’t well-decorated as compared to Musiala’s but he proved himself in Las Palmas before Barcelona set their eyes on him. The club requires playmakers like Pedri after the departure of Lionel Messi. Pedri may get the first-team action this season for FCB.

3: Titles

In terms of titles, Jamal Musiala is way ahead of Pedri. The Spaniard has won  a only few titles with FC Barcelona as the recent years haven’t been too fruitful for them. Pedri has won a La Liga, Copa Del Rey and the Spanish Super Cup trophy to his name.

Jamal Musiala won 4x Bundesliga Titles, 1x Champions League, 1x FIFA Club World Cup,1x Super Cup, 1x German Third Tier Trophy and 2x German Super Cups. The trophy count would have been almost double for him if he was a year older and in the Munich senior squad. The player missed getting two Champions League trophies to his name but with the right mindset, he will surely win many more in the future.

It is evident that Jamal Musiala is dominant in this category by winning a lot more titles.

4: International Career

Pedri had the most appearance for any player (73) in the club and international team. The critics of Euro 2020 termed Pedri as the best Spaniard on the pitch and some people termed him as ‘New Xavi’. The player contributed to Euro 2020 and the Tokyo Olympics but unfortunately, they couldn’t win. Despite having a young age Pedri’s contribution was great for his country. Spain had a tough time in the World Cup too as they lost to Morocco in the Round of 16.

In terms of International contribution, Musiala is yet to make a mark for Germany. The National team is filled with young and old talents which makes it difficult for young Jamal to get much game time.

Pedri wins easily in terms of contribution to the country.

Who is the better player? Musiala or Pedri?

The two exceptional players are extremely good and promising for their teams. In terms of goals scored and titles, Musiala is better than Pedri. While Pedri edges over Musiala in assists and appearances.

The coach of FC Bayern praised Pedri in his pre-match interview against Barcelona. “Have you ever seen an 18-year-old boy as good as Musiala?” Nagelsmann was asked and he answered clearly: “I don’t think so on my team, but in world football, there are other good 18-year-old players. Pedri, for example, I think he is 18 years old, “he said. 

Pedri is a great player who is always there for his team covering most of the matches despite doing the major work in midfield. However, in the case of Musiala his intelligence and control of the ball makes him a more complete midfielder than Pedri.

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