Top 10 Managers Of Football 2022

The managers are the main brains behind the outcome of any match. A manager is someone who has wide-ranging responsibilities, including selecting the perfect team, choosing the right tactics, recruiting highly promising players and transferring players that are no longer of use for the club, negotiating player contracts, and speaking to the media. A good team needs to have a good manager otherwise poor decisions can lead to poor results for the team. In the current generation, we have been blessed by several great football managers who combine many tactics to keep your team in the pole position for victory. 

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5: Antonio Conte

Antonio Conte is a smart man who managed Chelsea quite well in difficult times. Now he manages Inter Milan where he led them to win the Scudetto 2021. Conte is a man who has won the Serie A title three times in a row during his time at Juventus. He understands how the Italian game is played and it is very different from the English or German football. Conte has managed to assemble a strong team with the limited funds he gets with Inter and with Lukaku coming back to Inter Milan from Chelsea they can again win the Scudetto in the upcoming season. Currently, Conte is managing Tottenham Hotspurs and is yet to show any miracles for the Spurs. If Conte manages his managerial run like this for the coming years then he might end up as one of the Greatest Italian Footballers of all time.



Current Club – Tottenham Hotspur
Nationality – Italian
Birthday – 31 July 1969

Total Matches – 567 
Career Wins – 332

4: Hansi Flick

Hansi was a member of the football club Bayern Munich, which is once again one of the top clubs in the world and the only dominant force in Germany. The club celebrates victories in prominent competitions like the UEFA Champions League, DFB-Pokal, DFL-Supercup, UEFA Super Cup, and FIFA Club World Cup under Flick. In 2021 Flick decided to leave FC Bayern Munich as the manager as he had other plans for the future. Flick wants the ultimate title for Germany which is the World Cup and so he took the responsibility of managing the Germany National Team. The funny thing is that 80% of the FC Bayern Munich team comprises the Germany Starting 11 so it won’t be a problem for Flick to pick his best 11 as he already knows most of them very well. One of the best achievements of Hansi Flick is that he won 6 titles in a single season for FC Bayern which is a massive feat for any manager.



Current Club – Germany National Team
Nationality – German 
Birthday – 24 February 1965

Total Matches – 413
Career Wins – 210

3: Thomas Tuchel

Thomas is the current manager of the Chelsea Football Club. Tuchel is from Germany and just like other German managers he is also very smart and believes in playing creative football. During his time at the previous club he managed (PSG) he was very close to winning the Champions League but he lost to FC Bayern Munich in the Final, it was one of the biggest losses for Tuchel. In search of glory, he moved to the Premier League where there is higher competition but has managed to settle in well. The great part is that he completed his redemption and won the Champions League in a very short span. Lampard used to manage Chelsea before Tuchel took over and since then it has been a fairytale for Chelsea fans.



Current Club – Chelsea
Nationality – German
Birthday – 29 August 1973

Total Matches– 538
Career Wins – 309

2: Pep Guardiola

Pep has managed some of the top teams in this world. He is the man who shaped Messi in his early years while he went on to manager FC Bayern Munich and completely end all the competition there was for Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga with a very strong team. Pep took over Manchester City in 2016 and after that everything changed. City won 4 Premier League titles, 5 League Cups and many other triumphs after Pep the arrival of this Spanish mastermind. Pep is one of the managers who has joined the GOAT debate of Sir Alex Ferguson and we believe by the time he retires he might as well win it. Guardiola is a smart man who believes in playing tactical football and that gives him an edge over all the managers of this time. 


Current Club – Manchester City
Nationality – Spanish
Birthday– 18 January 1971

Total Matches – 795
Career Wins – 579

1: Jurgen Klopp

Klopp is the man who Pep Guardiola is afraid of because of the history they share between them. Klopp has seen great success in his overall career and every football fan loves him. Klopp is funny and charismatic which helps him to win over the fans and media easily. Klopp is currently managing Liverpool FC and he does his job too well. It was not like this when he joined Liverpool, the team needed a total makeover. Klopp won over everyone and with time he has assembled a team which can compete with any top team in this world. 

The reason why he stands in the first position above Pep is that Klopp is someone who rebuilds his team and makes them perfect while for Pep everything is served on the plate for him. It’s difficult to convert a struggling side into title challengers every season. Liverpool got lucky after the Coutinho and the arrival of Salah and Mane but we do know that Klopp is the enforcer who convinced the team, management, sponsors and everyone else to assemble this great Liverpool side which won the Champions League and the Premier League.


Current Club– Liverpool
Nationality – German
Birthday – 16 June 1967

Total Matches – 959
Career Wins – 515

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