Can Arsenal Win The Premier League Again?

One of the biggest clubs of London that managed to win the prestigious Premier League title thrice in their history. Great players & managers have contributed to the club for reaching heights, but the recent years of Arsenal have not been very fruitful. The amount of fans that have started to lose hope on the current Arsenal team and management is increasing every day. People now have lost hope for this club to even make it to the Champions League in this season or the next.

All the odds are against them but according to a few pundits of football, it is still possible for Arsenal to still win the Premier League. It won’t likely happen in this season but it can happen if the following changes are made in the future.

The Glory Years!

One-nil to the Arsenal, is the iconic song sung by more than 113 million fans worldwide just for their dream team, Arsenal FC. It all started in South East London, where David Danskin, a football devotee, started a club which was originally called “Gunners”(nickname of Arsenal FC). Starting with a very small fan support, today Arsenal has millions of supporters all over the world. Arsenal is one of the most salient names in English football. And the journey of Arsenal FC, the 13-time winners of the Premier League, is also very energetic. In this journey of 136 years, Arsenal has got many iconic players who have made the name of their club bright and we are also very happy to see them play as fans, some of the iconic players are Dennis Bergkamp, Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry, Robert Pires, Tony Adams, Sol Campbell and so on.

Everything that went wrong!

We all are very familiar with Arsenal’s game, with a more rigid, frenetic version of tiki-taka, trying to pass the ball into the net. Similarly, in recent times we noticed that the transfer of players was the major mistake of Arsenal and that is why the Gunners lost their winning strike. In the last few decades, the Gunners lost their invincible team followed by a huge blow when Arsene Wenger left the club. 

There were a lot of deals that they lost for various reasons, starting with Harry Kane, who was an Arsenal fan in his childhood, being kicked out of the Arsenal youth team. David Silva was kicked out because the Gunners family said that they didn’t have the necessary physique to respond to the demands of the premier league, so the deal fell through. 

The director in charge of recruiting for the gunners at the time didn’t have to pay attention to Petr Čech or the transfer of Claude Makélélé was also very close but not done! Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Gareth Bale also slipped out of Arsenal’s hands. 

Aaron Ramsey had been with Arsenal 11 years after signing from Cardiff in 2008, and was a key figure in The Gunners’ dressing room. The Welsh midfielder broke down in tears at his final match against Napoli as an Arsenal player. Wenger (former Arsenal’s coach) should not have let him go. Mikel Arteta  allowed the 32-year-old midfielder Mesut Ozil to leave Arsenal because he wants to take the team in a different direction, but is that happening? After a few years, Arsenal left their main striker Aubameyang the Gabon striker had not played for Arsenal since a disciplinary breach in December after he returned late from a trip abroad. 

This is how reckless changes break the legacy!

1: Change the club management

The current owner Kroenke is accused by the fans of using the club just to earn more money for himself and also that he won’t invest his own money for the club’s future. Arsenal needs an owner who understands the value of Arsenal and makes necessary upgrades for the betterment of this club. A change of management can be the change that Arsenal urgently needs to win the ultimate goal.

2. Buy a new striker 

Arsenal let Aubameyang leave and now they need to buy a good striker who can get the missing goals required to win matches. The current strike force including Lacazette is not enough for them to even finish in top 4. If Arsenal wants to lift a big title they need to get strikers who can get the goals and that will make all the difference for them. The team can benefit by signing a player like Lautaro Martinez or Angel Correa who is young and hungry to make a name for himself.

3:Appoint a new captain

As Lacazette is a young captain, they need a good captain to lead the gunners to glory. Any team is required to have a great captain who can stand firm in times of defeat and turn it into victory. The players like Sergio Ramos, Puyol, Kompany are great examples of captains who led their team to glories.

4: Let Arteta have full control

It has been enough time for Arteta to understand the Premier League. The young manager is known for experimenting quite a lot with this team but with little success. If Arteta gets complete faith from the players and fans he can use his expertise to guide them to the Premier League trophy. The manager is young and smart enough to create his own tactics as he has learned under the guidance of Pep Guardiola in Manchester City.

5: Sack Arteta

Yes! The fifth change contradicts completely the previous one. Just like we know it has been enough time since Arteta has acquired the role as the club manager it might be time for him to leave it. The current Arsenal team is strong and young which makes them perfect for a manager who has enough experience with young players instead of Arteta who is young himself. If these young wunderkinds are guided properly they can win a lot more than just the Premier League.

If Arsenal is ready for any of these changes or in combination it is easy to predict that they can lift any title. Sure enough, Arsenal is one of the best teams in the premier league and we know what Arsenal was, everybody who loves football is quite familiar with an unbeaten streak of 49 matches. It is a unique record to top the previous amazing success the club had achieved. Every club wants to win. Nobody wants their team to lose. That team with Bergkamp, Henry, Cole, Ljungberg and Vieira to mention a few, was a team to watch and cheer for! This is the reason why Arsenal got a lot of fans after winning the title in 2004. The fans have waited long enough for it and nothing would be more beautiful than watching Arsenal win the Premier League again.

The good times will come again and The Gunners will carry on with the legacy.

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