Is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang leaving Arsenal? Stripped of Captaincy

The career of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is going downhill with every season passing by. There was a time when he was the go-to man for the entire team and now he’s losing his charm. In recent years his contribution for Arsenal has decreased and he scored just 10 goals last season.

The Board of Arsenal decided to strip him of captaincy and the reason is unclear. According to some sources it is because he did not follow the rules set by the management. It has shocked all the fans of Aubameyang as it came unexpectedly.

Club Statement: “We expect all our players, particularly our captain, to work to the rules and standards we have all set and agreed.”

Is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang being sold in the next window?

The possibilities are high as the main two strikers of Arsenal are getting old and have lost their magic in recent times. Also, the club experienced poor performances in the previous seasons. Arteta knows that goals win matches and they are not as lethal how they used to be. 

In the last transfer window, a rumour battle was started between their fans and their rivals as both Arsenal and Tottenham were looking to sign Lautaro Martinez from Inter Milan. However, the Italy based club did not want him to leave as they lost their main striker Romelu Lukaku in that window. Arsenal is indeed looking for a new striker and this time they want a young promising striker. 

Arteta has started to keep him out of starting 11 and that is a big indication itself that the player is walking on a thin line. Arsenal fans got curious and the manager was asked about this decision multiple times on which he said “I have a very good relationship with my players. I always do the best for the club and the team. The decision is not personal, the decision is just performance and to get the best out of the team”.

The previous manager Unai Emery made him the captain of Arsenal when he used to score 20+ goals for them in the Premier League. In the last season, he scored just 10 goals and in this season he scored 4 in 12 matches which is quite low. This decline will cost Aubameyang as the team now relies more on the young talents from midfield and wing rather than their central striker.

Arteta is patient and he does not want to take any ‘Rash’ decision. It is upon him to choose the next Captain of the gunners and this decision most likely will come after the next transfer window. 

It is likely that Aubameyang will leave Arsenal and make way for a new striker. He is the highest earner of the club making £250,000 a week. This financial surplus can help them sign a new striker in the next window itself.


3 Clubs Aubameyang can join this transfer window:

1: Barcelona

It is no surprise that Barcelona is in desperate need of new players who can take them back on track. If Aubameyang can decrease his wage demands then FC Barcelona would be glad to sign him. Auba has much better stats than Luuk De Jong who is yet to make a mark in Camp Nou.

2: Dortmund

The recent exit of big players along with possible exits can lead them to sign Aubameyang again. The fans of Borussia Dortmund love Auba and he can again partner with his old teammates and make a new start in Germany.

3: Newcastle

The new owners of Newcastle United are looking to rebuild this team and they can’t make big signings all at once. Some rumours suggest that the addition of Auba to Newcastle may be beneficial for them. The chances of this happening are low but nothing can be ruled out at this point.


The future is uncertain but as things are moving it is easy to picture him leaving the club. Auba’s time at Arsenal has been wonderful and he made many great memories with the clubs and the fans. It may be the time when he finally has to bid farewell to this great club.

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