Jamal Musiala Or Jude Bellingham? Who is the better player?

The most prestigious period of football is going to end soon with most of the star players being 30+. People are used to watching such great individuals and love them more than they love anything. Looking forward is the best way to look at and it’s not that bad. The new talents coming in are just as promising as how our heroes were back when they were of the same age.

Two of such talents are Musiala from Germany and Bellingham from England. These two individuals are relatively young and already possess tons of skills and a hundred thousand fans behind their back.

We do know whenever two individuals get massive fans they also receive much criticism from the other fan base. It has been up for debate about who is the better player Musiala and Bellingham. Let’s find out.

1: Personal Stats

The two players are just 18 and won’t likely have the same difference in their stats when they retire. It’s more likely that one can get miles ahead of the other in future as players lose form too. One more important thing to note is that these two players play entirely different roles as Jude is more of a midfielder and someone who assists the strikers while Musiala is more of an attacker/midfielder. This can have a huge impact on the stats of these two.

Jamal Musiala Or Jude Bellingham? Who is the better player?

The Bayern Munich wunderkind has more goals and assists ratio as he started just 5 games and was subbed in the other games. It should also be known that Musiala plays for Bayern Munich who loves to score 5-6 goals on an everyday basis and his mindset is wired like them. However, Jude is better when it comes to stoping the opposition’s attack and has perfect control in the midfield area.

The best part about Bellingham here is that when they faced each other on the pitch he have outperformed Musiala most of the time. In the 3 matches, they played against each other Bellingham already have 3 assists to his name while Musiala has none.

As things stand Musiala is ahead of Bellingham based on G/A stats. The Bayern talent wins in this category.

2: Titles

The German Starkid is lucky to have joined Bayern Munich at a young age as he won more than half of his titles without many efforts. He already has 7 titles in his trophy cabinet before the age of 19 which is an achievement in itself.

Meanwhile, Bellingham has to make his way and struggle to win a title with Dortmund. In fact, they are the only club that looks capable enough to make Bayern Munich lose. The player just won a single title (DFB Pokal) with Dortmund. It does not mean the end of the road as he is also 18 and has many years left to lift titles.

It would be unfair to get a winner in this category but as things stand Musiala is ahead of Bellingham.

3: International Career

A large number of people still think that Musiala is English as he spent most of his early life and international matches with England. The player pledged his allegiance to Germany in 2021 while he earlier used to play for England even with the U-21 team. The player has just made 10 appearances for the country while getting 1 goal in his name.

The England national and possibly the next big English star has given some remarkable performances for his country. Even though England is filled with many talents he still managed to get his name on the team sheet.

Fun Fact: Musiala and Bellingham both played together for England (U-15, U-16, U-17) and they both were the most promising talents of England at that time. In those times too Jamal managed to give an edge on Bellingham by using the advantage of his playing position. The duo both got 2 assists while Musiala got 8 goals too for England in this period.

It is difficult to call out a winner in this category as both of them have a lot to prove for their country in the future.

4: Individual Honours

Despite being young these two players have been rewarded with some awards for their contribution to the team. 

Honours of Jude Bellingham

  • EFL Young Player of the Month: November 2019
  • Birmingham City Young Player of the Year: 2019–20
  • EFL Young Player of the Season: 2019–20
  • Bundesliga Rookie of the Month: September 2020
  • Kopa Trophy runner-up: 2021

Honours of Jamal Musiala

  • IFFHS Men’s Youth (U20) World Team: 2021

Indeed, winning league titles won’t get you individual honours if you play in a strong team. The contribution and talent of Jude have been appreciated and he received much more recognition than Musiala in the previous year.

Our Dortmund Star wins in this category.


5: Club

Jamal Musiala was born in Germany but he spent most of his childhood in England. The player has also played for England (U21/U17/U16/U15). The player was eventually bought from Chelsea youth academy and now he gets the first-team action in FC Bayern Munich.

Borussia Dortmund’s player Bellingham was born in West Midlands who joined Birmingham City’s youth academy at the age of 8. The player soon became the hero of this club as he was dominant in his midfield position.

He got offers from many elite clubs but he chose to join Dortmund just like his friend Sancho as they give young players a chance to show their potential, unlike other big teams. Since then he is a part of Dortmund where he continues to win the hearts of his fans.


Is Jamal Musiala better than Jude Bellingham?

Different players, different positions! The perks of playing far up are that you will always have more G/A contributions and people will recognize you more. It can also be said that Messi used to play more attacking football compared to Xavi and Iniesta which led him to win the Ballon D’or even when they had a better season. The contributions of midfielders are not seen by everyone.

The Bayern kid may be the next big thing in Bundesliga but Bellingham felt more promising in the 2020/21 season to the world. The player is destined to move to the Premier League where he belongs and make his way to his other young sensational players of England. Jamal can also move to the Premier League as he spent most of his time in England.

Despite having a finer season Musiala is slightly ahead based on the above stats. Two insane young talents where Jamal Musiala is slightly better but at the moment Bellingham looks more promising. The Bayern Kid Jamal Musiala is our winner.





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