Mason Greenwood Or Phil Foden? Who is the better player?

The biggest derby of English football often consists of great talent on both sides of the field. The rivalry between them is ever-growing since the start of their race for the title. People set their eyes on these two clubs as they have the talent and ability to win the title every year.

To continue their supremacy in future both these teams are spending money on young players. The most promising young talent of Manchester United is Greenwood while for Manchester City it’s Foden.

The two players have proved themselves for the Premier League in the short time they got to play in their senior career. The fans of both these clubs often rate their team player as better than their rivals. These two are exceptional players who can’t be judged by a biased audience.

Is Mason Greenwood better than Phil Foden? Let’s find out.

1: Personal Stats

Phil Foden is playing great football for Manchester City where he played 77 matches in the Premier League and scored 18 goals while making 9 assists. The contribution from him is one of the reasons how they won the Premier League last season.

The Red Devils winger Greenwood is more clinical and skilful in his area. He can play as a winger and use his attacking capabilities to do the job of an attacker. He played 75 matches in the Premier League scoring 21 goals and making 3 assists for his team.

Mason Greenwood Or Phil Foden? Who is the better player?

If we compare their overall statistics it would be easy to rule out the winner. Mason is way ahead of Foden in terms of goals.

Greenwood is the winner in terms of Personal Stats.

2: Titles

The trophy cabinet of  Greenwood is pretty much empty and he didn’t have much luck in lifting trophies with the Red Devils. Man City and Foden won many titles together. Foden won 10 trophies with Manchester City including 3 Premier League titles. The player is just 21 years old and has many glories attached to his name. If we compare Foden with any other young player in terms of titles he will surely win over all of them.

Without a doubt, we have our undisputed winner. Foden wins against Greenwood in terms of Titles.

3: International Career

When it comes to the country both of them share the same crest and sing the same anthem. The duo shares a good bond on the international stage, unlike their fans who spread hate towards each other. They even got together in a big controversy of bringing girls to their room in Iceland.

The incident is enough for us to believe that they are great friends in real life. They share a mutual respect for each other.

Phil Foden:  “Mason Greenwood, the best I’ve seen finishing wise. He’s both-footed in and around the box. He’s always going to score. He just knows when to finesse or lace it.”

However, Foden’s career for England has been more successful and he was called on for many big occasions. The Man Utd winger is comparatively young and with the amount of talents England possess it is difficult to make it in the starting XI.

Comparing the stats based on the data Foden is the winner in this category.

Who is the better player? Greenwood or Foden?

It’s almost the start of their career where one is more successful in winning trophies while the other edges him in terms of personal contributions. Comparing these two players at such a young age is difficult but with the given above stats we can see that Foden is slightly ahead of Greenwood. Although Greenwood is younger and has more time to achieve success.

The conversation and conclusion would be different in future. As of now, we have Foden as the winner. 

Reference: Transfermarkt

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[…] Mason Greenwood Or Phil Foden? […]

[…] Mason Greenwood Or Phil Foden? […]

[…] Mason Greenwood Or Phil Foden? […]

[…] Mason Greenwood Or Phil Foden? […]

[…] Mason Greenwood Or Phil Foden? […]