FIFA or PES? Which is the better game for Windows?

The biggest rivalry of football after Cristiano Vs Messi is the rivalry between these two companies and their struggle to be the dominant force among fans. Every year we see them upgrading their product and yet they still stand close to each other with a constant question in the mind of football fans, Is FIFA better than PES (eFootball).

Most of the football fans who play both these video games often vote for FIFA being the better choice even when PES (eFootball) comes with beautiful and realistic gameplay with more real-life experience.

What makes any of these two better than the other? Let’s find out.

1: Gameplay

The main factor on which video games are judged is gameplay. It should be optimized yet have great graphics to meet the new demands of the market. Almost everyone wants their videogame to be smooth and glitch-free while a few hardcore football fans want them to be more real even if it affects the flow of the game. 

Playing FIFA or PES on windows (PC) is as good as playing on any console. The keyboard might look large compared to the controller of a console but that does not make it any less effective. The dynamics of the game stay the same although some critics suggest that PES works more on their consoles compared to the PC version of the game. 

In terms of understanding the game FIFA is far ahead of PES as their developers try to make it easily understandable by people of all ages. The movement and abilities of the players make it easy for beginners to get a hand at it. Just as it was mentioned above how hardcore football lovers like PES more because of their real-like experience.

People can easily pull off a rainbow flick or a worldie in FIFA with players like Neymar or Messi as they make it simple for anyone to do it. However, PES also allows us to make beautiful skills but it’s more likely that the player won’t be able to control the ball every time he does any skill.

2: Players

The PES franchise is famous in this category as they take more attention in the creation of players. In terms of details of each player, PES is ahead of FIFA and is one of the main points they are praised for. 

The graphics of players in FIFA are great too and they don’t make their game too bright like their rivals. The in-game graphics are far better than FIFA but in terms of player graphics, PES wins each time.

3: Game Modes

Buying FIFA is a complete package filled with many modes to play. The Story Mode, FUT and career mode can keep you entertained for a long time with almost all the teams to play with. However, it might cost your pocket as the FUT is a cash cow for FIFA and something people spend too much money on willingly. The addition of Volta by FIFA which gives the user to play street football.

Meanwhile, eFootball has an Ultimate Team of their own which is called myClub. The developers are trying to add more modes in eFootball for the upcoming versions of the game. If we compare these two based on cost then PES is more pocket friendly.

4: Optimization 

Konami always optimizes their game better than their rivals. It has been the same story this year. Although most of the system requirements are quite similar. However, you can play eFootball on a much low-end GPU compared to FIFA 22. 

People who have a low-end pc can play a much newer version of PES while to play FIFA which runs on the Frostbite engine you need to have a strong system.

FIFA or PES? Which is the better game for Windows?

5: Teams

The domination of FIFA in this category is real and would take a lot of work for their competitors if they want to win over them. The eFootball (Pes) managed to convince Juventus in joining them making some trouble for their competitors. If big teams like Juventus continue to join them then it’ll be only a matter of time before they actually compete with them. 

Big Teams that have partnered with eFootball (Pes):

  • FC Bayern Munich

  • FC Barcelona

  • Juventus

  • Arsenal

  • Corinthians

  • Flamengo

  • São Paulo

  • River Plate

Other teams are expected to sign with them in future. As things stand FIFA is the undisputed winner in the category of Teams.

Is FIFA better than PES?

In life to enjoy the best things we always have to pay more. The above facts verify that FIFA is by far the better player but is expensive to purchase every year, especially with the FUT costs.

PES Vs FIFA rivalry was started in 1994 and the search for supremacy is still going on. “EA copied everything that was good about old PES and implemented it in Fifa,” says Steve Merrett, Konami’s PR Head.

It is a pay to play situation for the football fans. The eFootball team wants to take advantage of this by launching PES 2022 as a free-to-play game. 

The decision lies with us. If you want a smooth and easy experience with loads of fun modes then FIFA will be the better choice. If you have a low-end system or you are one true football fan who understand the dynamics of the game PES can give you the most realistic experience. 

Based on all the above-stated statistics FIFA is the better game compared to PES (eFootball).

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FIFA 22 Or eFootball PES 22?

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[…] FIFA Or PES (eFootball)? […]

[…] FIFA Or PES (eFootball)? […]

[…] FIFA Or PES (eFootball)? […]