Top 5 best strikers 2022

Every football fan around the world wants a perfect striker for their favourite club who gives thrilling performances week in week out. Since the last few centuries, we have been gifted with many sensational strikers who gave everything they have for their team. It is quite difficult being a striker as everyone expects you to score all the time which is a bit difficult practically.

Just like any other sport, everyone is replaceable but the real task is to find the perfect replacement for your club. The fans want the best strikers to play for them although he wouldn’t be the best if each team has such a player with them. In order to be the best, he should stand out from all the other strikers from the league. In modern-day football, new faces are coming up every season while some of them are actually promising.

Who are the top 5 strikers in 2022?

5: Cristiano Ronaldo

The inspiration of millions deserves to be on this list despite being 37 years old. A daring move by the player who decided to switch back to his former club in England, many people criticized this decision but he made all of them shut up after a banging start with the Red Devils. Despite the recent goal drought Ronaldo is facing he is expected to bounce back as Man United are clinching on to the top 4 with bigger dreams in their head. It is the finale of the career of Cristiano Ronaldo and he surely is hungry for more before he hangs his boots.


4: Kylian Mbappe

There is no big match where Kylian fails to surprise his fans, he always shows up on big occasions be it for PSG or France. The wunderkind is expected to play for Real Madrid next season where he is rumoured to get a massive 200 million Euro contract for this move. If a club decides to spend that much on a player he should really be worth every euro which Mbappe is. Any team will benefit from the addition of Mbappe as he has pace, agility, skill & precision which helps him to score beautiful goals. The player is still quite young and wants to follow in the steps of his idol Cristiano Ronaldo by playing for Real Madrid. In future, he may break records set by Real Madrid legends as he has the potential to do it.


3: Erling Haaland

You can’t talk about young talent without mentioning Erling Haaland as he is the ultimate striker of this generation. The player is a complete beast while some people also think that he is an actual robot. Haaland can run, shoot, dribble, pass, defend and do everything that comes to him when he is on the pitch. At 21 years of age, there are many clubs that will pay anything to sign him, he is expected to leave Dortmund in the next season when the contract expires. If not for Robert Lewandowski this player would have been the best striker in the Bundesliga easily. Haaland is hungry for more and nothing can stop him.


2: Karim Benzema

The hero of Real Madrid after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo has earned many things in the past few years. Benzema has been constantly criticized for anything he does but he knows one thing, scoring goals and making them shut up. In La Liga, the Real Madrid side has kept the first place only because of the major contributions of Benzema and Vinicius Jr. If things continue to go this way another league title will be on its way to Santiago Bernabeu. The French forward has the most number of assists in the history of Real Madrid and the fourth-highest number of goals. If Mbappe joins the deadly duo of Benzema and Vinicius there won’t be any competition left in La Liga that can make them not win the league title.


1: Robert Lewandowski

The player is very lucky on the pitch while too unlucky off the pitch. Indeed, Lewandowski never gets to win big titles that he deserves and now his fans have accepted that these award shows are biased. Lewandowski is a serial goalscorer with a mentality to win every title possible. Since his move to Bayern Munich from Dortmund, he has completely changed into a player who can’t stop scoring goals. There were stickers who were the top scorers for 1, 2 or 3 seasons but Lewandowski has been the top scorer in 17 different competitions which are massive considering he still has some years left to play. The bar set by Lewandowski is so high it would be really difficult for his replacement to fill in when he leaves.
The name given by Muller to him is true after all ‘Robert Lewangoalski’ the ultimate striker a team needs in 2022.

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[…] Top 5 Strikers of 2022 […]

[…] Top 5 Strikers of 2022 […]