Top 10 Midfielders 2022

Midfielders play a pivotal role in football. These players run the whole game contributing to both helping in attack and breaking in defense. They are the central backbone of a team’s formation in the centre field. Crucial matches often need efficient midfielders to take the game forward and lead the team to victory, players like Iniesta and Ozil are great examples of such midfielders. It is essential to have such players for a good team.

Top 10 best midfielders of 2022.

10: Thiago Alcantara – Liverpool

This Spanish player is regarded as one of the best deep-lying playmakers in the game due to his range of passing, combined with his agility and technique. He has cemented himself as one of the best midfielders in world soccer from his time at Bayern Munich. Despite having a bad form with a knee injury and covid 19 at the beginning, Thiago managed to shine for the Reds with a potent partnership with Fabinho, the midfield pair were unbeaten in the 18 matches they’ve started together, winning 17 of them but Thiago’s recent injury has yet again led to him being ruled out of the Carabao Cup ’22 against Chelsea. Liverpool is just one point behind Man City in the Premier League.

If he helps his team to win the Premier League every fan will understand his value & give him more respect.

Thiago Alcantra 21/22 Stats:

 Games 10
 Goals 1
Assists  1
 Passing Succes 88%
 Tackle Success 58%

9: Federico Chiesa – Juventus

Before the big injury suffered by Chiesa in January 2022, he has been a big asset for Juventus and performing consistently this season. He has the ability to play in a variety of positions and different kinds of systems with his speciality in pace. He is equally skilled with both his feet, which makes his talent more special along with his tricks under his sleeves when on wings.

In the last transfer window, many clubs were interested in signing him but he decided to stay in Juventus. With the amount of skill and talent Chiesa has he can be among the top 3 midfielders in future.

Federico Chiesa 21/22 Stats:

 Games 11
 Goals 2
Assists  2
 Passing Succes 80%
 Tackle Success 65%

8: Marco Verratti – PSG

The Italian player has often been hailed as the next Andrea Pirlo. Verratti is a masterful midfielder who has been continuously contributing to the PSG’s midfield with grace for the last decade, always on the show with his complete performance of passing the ball, carrying it and even recovering it. 

He was touted as one of the best young midfielders in Europe when he helped Pescara win the Serie B title in 2011. The following season he moved to PSG and has won seven league titles and 20 other trophies in the last decade. 

Verrati is known to have complete control over midfield, if he dominates the other places he lags he can maybe be the best midfielder in a year or two.

Marco Verrati 21/22 Stats:

 Games 15
 Goals 2
Assists  1
 Passing Succes 77%
 Tackle Success 65%

7: Paul Pogba – Manchester United

Pogba is considered to be one of the best midfielders of all time, Pogba has both a knack for playing in a central midfield position and as a deep-lying playmaker. He is an effective attacking midfielder and he can deliver great and precise passes to the striker leading to sometimes what we call the smooth finish to a rough game. He was also the player with the most assists in the division in 2021 with ten, making him the most creative midfielder in the league then. Even though his club performance has been seemingly underwhelming, he outshines his French National team.

The player is slowly losing his form and only have a few years left in his prime. If Pogba wants to shine in his career it is his time to do it now otherwise it will be too late.

Paul Pogba 21/22 Stats:

 Games 13
 Goals 1
Assists  9
 Passing Succes 83%
 Tackle Success 36%

6: Ilkay Gundogan – Manchester City

Ilkay Gundogan has made a huge influence in Manchester City’s Premier League turnaround last season. He has efficiently replaced De Bruyne with his creative playmaking skills. Gundogan stepped forward as Manchester City’s heroic goal scorer in the absence of the injured now retired Sergio Aguero. Gundogan is famously known for his attacking gameplay from the midfield.

Ilkay Gundogan 21/22 Stats: 

 Games 15
 Goals 5
Assists  4
 Passing Succes 90%
 Tackle Success 61%

5: Thomas Muller – Bayern Munich

The German player is getting better with age and is performing great over the last few years. Muller was a vital part of Bayern Munich’s treble-winning season 2020 and has carried on his form last season in Bundesliga. There Muller led the way in almost every attacking statistic. For the third time in four years, Muller contributed as the best midfielder excelling in key passes, assists and even in creating chances for goals, as Bayern won their ninth consecutive league title. 

FC Bayern is lucky to have Thomas Muller playing for them. It is sad how he is not appreciated enough by the fans. Muller is highly underrated and deserves more respect.

Thomas Muller 21/22 Stats:

 Games 25
 Goals 7
Assists  16
 Passing Succes 77%
 Tackle Success 49%

4: Toni Kroos – Real Madrid

Kroos is known for his supreme passing and great vision on the field. The 32-year-old forms the back of Madrid’s attack and he dictates the game from midfield. He has extraordinary passing accuracy along scoring goals and making beautiful assists. He can be depicted as an epitome of consistency and class who is also the hub of his club’s creativity, constantly playing long balls across the pitch and taking risks with the ball. He was the pillar of Madrid’s five trophy ventures in 2017-18 and he also played an extremely vital role due to which they were able to clinch the La Liga title in the 2020 season.

Toni Kroos 21/22 stats:

 Games 19
 Goals 1
Assists  3
 Passing Succes 95%
 Tackle Success 56%

3: N’Golo Kante – Chelsea

Chelsea famously quoted once, “About 71 % of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, the rest is covered by N’Golo Kante.” This can be indeed said to be true. He is one of the best defensive midfielders the world can have right now and a firm favourite to win UEFA’s best player for his performance in the 20/21 season. Chelsea’s 1-1 draw with Real Madrid in the 2020 Champions League semifinal is an apt match to watch Kante in his full glory. Often even getting through more work than a midfield duo all by himself he has superb control over the ball be it recovering it or running half a mile with it. He is equally strong in tackling and interceptions. 

N’Golo Kante 21/22 stats:

 Games 14
 Goals 2
Assists  3
 Passing Succes 85%
 Tackle Success 76%

2: Luka Modric – Real Madrid

Modric is a complete playmaker in himself with a clear vision and world-class passing accuracy. With the recent Champions League triumph against PSG, he dominated their midfield with elegance and power thus showing that the 37-year-old still has the same power to play with elegance and tactics at any given point. 

The Croatian player has always been efficient and smooth in opening defences and is arguably the most excellent pace-setting midfielder of his generation. With his never faltering performances match after match it will not be a surprise to anyone if the dominant midfielder ends up becoming the best midfielder of his generation and potentially even the best in Madrid history.

Luka Modric has already achieved a lot in his career more than many Real Madrid legends and will go down as the best midfielder. It is Modric who broke the Cristiano x Messi Ballon D’or dominance of a decade.

Luka Modric 21/22 stats:

 Games 19
 Goals 2
Assists  5
 Passing Succes 90%
 Tackle Success 50%

1: Kevin de Bryne – Manchester City

De Bryne possesses every quality an ideal midfielder must have to become the best. From tactics to techniques, crossing to passing accuracy the Belgian midfielder tends to excel in every field possible providing the same masterclass he usually provides in the Man City midfield. De Bruyne has been City’s driving force in winning back to back Premier League titles. He has an extremely great vision for key passes along with the ability to snap out a goal from anywhere possible making him the best-attacking midfielder in the world of football. This year, despite having missed several duels, he quickly showed the gravity of his presence in the Premier League playing for his club efficiently. The former Barcelona player and the legendary midfielder Xavi said about De Bryne, “Kevin De Bruyne, from Manchester City, seems to me on another level. He is able to make a difference. He is the best midfielder in the world.” 

De Bruyne will go down as a City legend and an example of a complete midfielder.

Kevin De Bruyne 21/22 Stats:

 Games 17
 Goals 9
Assists  3
 Passing Succes 88%
 Tackle Success 54%
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