Manchester City wins. Is Premier League getting cancelled due to Covid?

The recent widespread of covid-19 is troubling all the fans and clubs who want to play the remaining half-season of the Premier League. In 2021 after the use of vaccines on the majority of people it was expected that the coronavirus will decline and we won’t have to face lockdown again.

However, the past few weeks have been terrible for English football fans as the Board is cancelling most of their matches in the areas having a widespread of covid. The move came out after the new covid cases numbers started to rise. On Thursday alone they registered 87k+ cases which is a record high after the previous year’s situation.

Our football stars are also like other humans and they are also getting affected by this virus. As of now, 42 players has been tested positive and with this pace, it would be likely that the clubs won’t be able to play any more matches before Christmas.

There are plenty of reports and rumours out with little truth behind them. People vaccinated themselves yet they fear getting the virus. It is true that it is appearing again just before Christmas and we can do nothing but wait for it to pass.

Is Premier League getting cancelled?

If things go bad to worse then it’s likely that the Premier League will get cancelled. In that case, the current table will be assumed as the final one and the winner will be decided whoever leads before the start of this postpone period. As of now, Manchester City leads the race followed by Liverpool and Chelsea FC who aren’t far behind. Man City will be crowned as winners if they cancel the Premier League.

Who is responsible?

No virus can be contained completely or controlled unless every person protects themselves for the betterment of society. Some people blame the players for not getting vaccinated causing this new covid wave among other players. In Spain, the Atletico Madrid’s goalkeeper was ill before their derby clash yet he decided to play against Real Madrid. After some days Real Madrid got Modric, Marcelo and many other players positive with covid. La Liga and Madrid are calling on the authorities to inspect this issue and prosecute them.

 It’s true that not all the players were vaccinated but we can’t blame the players for spreading covid when the whole country is facing the same issue.

What happens to the fans?

The amount of surge seen in the recent days of covid-19 is easy to project that fans won’t be able to watch the match live from stadiums even after getting vaccinated. In the current matches, they are allowing fans only if they fulfil certain requirements but in future, this privilege might end and we might have to face empty stadiums again.


Is there any solution?

The only solution in times of a pandemic is to keep yourself away from everyone leaving your FAMILY. In their case, if they want to continue playing then they should all be considered a family who eat, sleep and play together. It will also come at the price of not seeing their family or getting social. 

If the management succeeds in completely isolating all the players and staff then football can continue in England. If not then we might face a similar situation just like the last year. 

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