Complete list of clubs Rivaldo Play For

Rivaldo is one of the biggest talents in the history of football and Brasil. The people who have seen Rivaldo play live compare him to the likes of Ronaldinho and Kaka as he was highly versatile on the field. The player comes from a poor working-class family and has worked his way from nothing to winning huge titles in his careers such as the Ballon D’or and the World Cup.


In his long career Rivaldo, he has played for many clubs and has kept his mark on each club that he has played. His main position of Rivaldo was the attacking midfield position while he also played as a second striker and on the wing based on the requirement of the team. The skills that Rivaldo possesses made him great at scoring beautiful goals, free kicks, penalties and taking overhead kicks too.

The player started his journey with Paulista FC. So far, Rivaldo has played for a total of 15 teams, representing 
Paulista FC, Santa Cruz, Mogi Mirim, Corinthians, Palmeiras, Deportivo La Coruña, FC Barcelona, AC Milan, Cruzeiro, Olympiacos, AEK Athens, Bunyodkar, Sao Paolo, Kabuscorp SC and Sao Caetano.

Rivaldo Club Timeline:

1: Paulista FC (1991)

2: Santa Cruz (1991-1992)

3: Mogi Mirim (1993, 2010-2012, 2014-2015)

Corinthians (1993-1994)

Palmeiras (1994-1996)

Deportivo La Coruña (1996-1997)

7: FC Barcelona (1997-2002)

8: AC Milan (2002-2003)

Cruzeiro (2003-2004)

Olympiacos (2004-2007)

11: AEK Athens (2007-2008)

12: Bunyodkar (2008-2010)

São Paulo (2010-2011)

Kabuscorp (2012-2013)

15: São Caetano – 

All the clubs that Rivaldo played for:

1: Paulista FC (1991)

Everything started back in Brasil for Rivaldo where he was very young but highly promising. Back then people didn’t know what wonders this young kid will do in the coming future. At the start of his career, the player shifted between several clubs. Rivaldo joined Paulista FC in 1989 and stayed with the club until 1991.

2: Santa Cruz (1991-1992)

The second stop for this young and bright talent was Santa Cruz. The club Santa Cruz is situated in Recife, Pernambuco the hometown of Rivaldo. In this club, Rivaldo stayed for 1 year and decided to move to a different club. 

3: Mogi Mirim (1993, 2010-2012, 2014-2015)

In just 6 months after moving to Santa Cruz, he decided to sign for Mogi Mirim. A young Rivaldo did not know that this club will be one of the closest clubs to him in future. The player came back to this club many times in the future after moving away from them. Rivaldo is also the president of the club after retiring from football.

4: Corinthians (1993-1994)

The player knew that he have to play for a club that competes in the top Brazilian league. In the search for glory, he signed for Corinthians to make it big. He continues to win the hearts of the fans through the goals he scored and by showing his skills on the pitch. At that time the player also won the Brazilian Player of the Year award (Bola de Prata) in 1993 and 1994. 

5: Palmeiras  (1994-1996)

In 1994 he joined another top Brasil club Palmeiras to make a name for himself. He was surrounded by a lot of attention because of the amazing performance he did in the previous season. At Palmeiras, the player stayed for 2 years and eventually decided to move elsewhere in search of glory.

In all his expeditions of Rivaldo in Brasil, he finally won his first title with Palmeiras where he won the league title.


6: Deportivo La Coruña  (1996-1997)

It was clear that the player Rivaldo wanted to achieve more than he did in Brazil. Consequently, the player decided to move to Spain and try his luck in a different country. The player played 41 games for Deportivo and scored 21 goals. These are good numbers who have just moved to the Spanish league from a different league.


7: FC Barcelona (1997-2002)

The move to Deportivo certainly became his best decision as now he was under the eyes of FC Barcelona. The Spanish giants are known for signing young and promising talents. In 1997 Barcelona signed Rivaldo, this was the start of the golden period for Rivaldo as he finally got what was missing in his career. The player won several titles in Barcelona including the La Liga, UEFA Supercup and the Spanish Supercup.

The player also won tons of individual titles and was awarded as the best player of 1999 by FIFA and France Football. It is certainly the best destination for Rivaldo in his career, he played a total of 235 games and scored 130 goals with 45 assists. The fans of Barcelona still regard Rivaldo as a club legend.

8: AC Milan

After staying for 5 years in Barcelona the player moved to AC Milan for free in 2002. The AC Milan team of that decade consist of world-class talents and was considered to be the best team of their time. The year 2002 is also very lucky for Rivaldo as he won the World Cup with Brazil in the same year. 

AC Milan was a competitive team but Rivaldo managed to mark his print in the history of this club. The Brazilian Rivaldo conquered Europe in his time with AC Milan as he won the Champions League in 2003. The player had some of his career’s best memories in the years 2002-2003.

9: Cruzeiro (2003-2004)
The player decided to move back to Brasil after winning the Champions League with AC Milan. In 2003 he signed for Cruzeiro on a free transfer. Unfortunately, the player just played 11 games and scored 2 goals.


10: Olympiacos Piraeus (2004-2007)
In just 6 months after moving back to Brasil, the player decided to go on a different adventure. Rivaldo signed for the Greek side Olympiacos in 2004, it was a shocking move for his fans. He won 3 league titles in 3 seasons with Olympiacos and also won 2 league cups. It was a good decision by the player to play for this club as it brought more glory to his prestigious career.

The player was 34 years old and was considered old by a few fans of the club, eventually, the club decided to release him after spending 3 successful years with the club.

11: AEK Athens (2007-2008)

The player joined another Greek club AEK Athens in 2007. Rivaldo spent a year in Athens and won against his former club Olympiacos 4-0 to prove that age is just a number. His time at Athens was very limited but he managed to get 15 goals and 15 assists for them in a single season.

12: Bunyodkor (2008-2010)
Another shocking decision by the player was to sign for an Uzbekistan club. Very few players who have played in Europe sign for clubs in different parts of the world. According to Rivaldo, it was an “extremely tempting contract offer”. He won 3 Uzbek league titles and scored plenty of goals for them. The debut itself was priceless as he scored a brace for Bunyodkor in the very first game.


13: São Paulo (2010-2011)

After a successful spell at Bunyodkar, he went back to his old club Mogi Mirim where he played for 6 months and was loaned to Sao Paolo in 2011. Being himself he scored on the debut match for this team and was an instant hit among the people. Rivaldo stayed for a year with them and then went back to Mogi Mirim. He played 33 matches with Sao Paolo and managed to score 6 goals with 3 assists.


14: Kabuscorp (2012-2013)

Quickly after returning to Mogi Mirim after the loan he signed for Kabuscorp, an Angolan club. The player stayed for just 6 months and later parted ways with the club after his contract was over. By now age was taking over Rivaldo and he could not play as well as he used to.


15: São Caetano (2013-2014)

The Brazilian legend then decided to move back to Brasil in 2013. To the surprise of his fans, he scored on his debut for Sao Caetano too. He played 1 whole season with them and later moved to Mogi Mirim again in 2014, it looks like Mogi Mirim is a club that is close to the heart of Rivaldo.

International Career:

On Dec 16 1993 Rivaldo made his debut for Brasil. Since then he has made 74 caps for Brasil and scored 35 goals for them. The international career of Rivaldo is a successful one as he won the Copa America and the most prestigious title FIFA World Cup. He also won the Confederations Cup in 1997 for his country. The player was one R in the most famous three Rs of Brasil. The attacking lineup included Rivaldo, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. These three players together won the fifth World Cup for Brazil. In his international career, there have been some ups and downs but overall when people remember him now he is considered a legend for his country.

What is net worth of Rivaldo?

The net worth of Rivaldo in 2023 is about $74 Million


What was the highest market value of Rivaldo?

The highest market value of Rivaldo was €6.50 Million.


How many clubs did Rivaldo played in?

Rivaldo played for a total of 15 clubs, representing Paulista FC, Santa Cruz, Mogi Mirim, Corinthians, Palmeiras, Deportivo La Coruña, FC Barcelona, AC Milan, Cruzeiro, Olympiacos, AEK Athens, Bunyodkar, Sao Paolo, Kabuscorp SC and Sao Caetano.


Did Rivaldo win the Ballon D’or?

Yes, Rivaldo won the Ballon D’or in the year 1999 when he used to play for Barcelona.

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