Can Argentina win the World Cup 2022 Qatar?

Every Leo Messi and Argentina fan understands how bad it felt when they almost had their hands on the World Cup. Even though Argentina was not the favourite in 2014 they still managed to make their way to the last but sadly lost in the final against Germany. Since then the only thing every Messi fan wants is for him to get the World Cup title before retiring and this might be the best chance of doing that as this might also be the last World Cup for Messi.

World Cup 2022 Qatar Odds: Argentina+800 (5th position)

The last time Argentina won a WC was in 1986 with the legend Diego Maradona. Since that time Argentina did not win anything major till 2021 they won Copa America. Argentina is getting back to winning ways as they already won 2 titles in 2 years and might as well add one more to the tally.

After the major loss of World Cup 2014, the team looked weaker than ever as the chemistry was lacking between the players on the field. This is also a major reason why Argentina did not get past the round of 16. Since then the team has worked hard to gather the right motivation and regain its position in the world as one of the best national teams out there. 

The team has proved itself in the last two years but the real test will be the upcoming World Cup 2022 where they will compete against top European countries instead of the South American Countries. With the right motivation, Argentina can repeat what it did in 2014 and this time win the final.

The Argentina National Team: The ‘Finalissima’ Squad


The goalkeeping position is very crucial for any team and especially for Argentina as the back line is not very strong compared to other 5-star countries. The team has decent options available for this position with Emiliano Martinez (Aston Villa) being the most expected choice. In recent times Martinez has shown that he has a fire in him along with the desire to achieve great things for his country. He is fast, smart and knows how to get inside the head of a striker making it difficult for them to score. Apart from Martinez, the other great option is Geronimo Rulli (Villarreal), he is a well-known player who has a lot of experience in the European game and can be a good choice for the team when in need.

Other good options for Argentina are 
Franco Armani and Juan Musso but it’s not likely that they might want to add them to the starting lineup as they want someone in form for that position.


In the main defensive positions, they have some well-known names that can help them against any top countries they face. The main defenders for Argentina might be Nicolas Otamendi (Benfica), Cristian Romero (Tottenham), Lisandro Martinez (Ajax) and Marcos Acuna (Sevilla). These four players compete with top clubs every and they understand how the European game works as the major obstacle for Argentina would be the Euro teams. These players are both mentally and physically strong and can prove very beneficial for Argentina in the upcoming World Cup 2022.

Apart from them, there are other great options such as 
German Pezzella (Real Betis), Gonzalo Montiel (Sevilla), Nahuel Molina (Udinese), Nicolas Tagliafico (Ajax) and others who can also start for Argentina when it comes to that.


It is the area where Argentina has to work more than any other area. The current Argentine midfielders are great but there is a lack of connection between defence and attack due to poor midfield choice. If Argentina wants to win the World Cup then they will have to choose their midfield line-up strategically so that each player can be totally utilized to give their 100% and achieve the ultimate goal.


The prime midfield options are Rodrigo De Paul (Atletico Madrid), Giovani Lo Celso (Villarreal), Angel Di Maria (Juventus) and Guido Rodriguez (Real Betis). These are decent players who are very talented but at this stage, they need more than talent to win the main goal. Other important midfielders are Exequiel Palacios (Bayer Leverkusen), Alejandro Gomez (Sevilla), Lucas Ocampos (Sevilla) and Alexis Mac Allister (Brighton).


The best area of the whole Argentina team is the attack because it consists of the greatest player of all time. It is the only area which has the highest potential for making Argentina the champions of the WC. Earlier the team had the duo of Gonzalo Higuain (Inter Miami) and Paulo Dybala (Juventus). The chemistry between the attackers did not fit perfectly and the whole team had to pay the price. After the loss in the WC 2014 Final Gonzalo Higuain was majorly criticized for not converting goals. 

The latest addition of Lautaro Martinez to the team is very beneficial as Martinez has all it takes to be the perfect striker in 2022. Martinez is talented, quick and hungry for more and this is the time of his life to win the WC for his nation. He can pair with Paulo Dybala as they are the main hopes for Argentina along with the legend Leo Messi. The addition of Messi to the National team makes the dream of winning the World Cup more realistic as everyone knows how good Leo Messi is on the field.

The team is full of promising and experienced players but that is not everything that is required to win titles. They need more than that to win the WC along with a good amount of luck. If they manage to avoid top countries along their way to the final then they might win it and if not then it will be a tough fight.

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