Complete list of teams Mohammed Salah played in:

Liverpool and Egypt winger Mo Salah is continuing to surprise all of us with his performances in the last few seasons. Salah keeps getting better with age and it looks like no one can stop him. It took Salah a lot of discipline and hard work to reach this stage and he deserves every bit of the success. Coming from a small town in Egypt he has paved the way for other Egyptian people and is an inspiration to millions of people in the world.


We all know that Salah used to play for Chelsea earlier and in 2017 he signed for Liverpool where he won 3 golden boots and a lot of trophies. There are a few who know where did Mo exactly come from and how did he end up at Liverpool.

Mohamed Salah Club Timeline:


Al Mokawloon


FC Basel




Fiorentina (Loan)






All the clubs Mohamed Salah played for:

1: Al Mokawloon (2010-2012)

It all started at the youth academy of Al Mokawloon when he was just 14 years of age. The local scouts instantly realized that this young kid is destined for greatness, he was quickly moved to the adult squad at a young age.

The player had to travel for hours to reach the academy and in doing that he used to miss his school at times. Being so young he even had to change his diet to keep up with the other older team, he did everything in his hand to impress them and he was successful in doing that.


2: Basel (2012-2014)

The youth scouts of FC Basel had their eyes set on this young kid who was impressing them very much for a pretty young player. Salah joined Basel on a 4-year contract, he was seen as the immediate replacement of Xherdan Shaqiri. During his time at Basel, he learned a lot by playing with a better team and in a more competitive environment. The Egyptian was a usual performer who used to help this team win in the League as well as in the Europa League.

It is also at this club Salah got his first big break where he attracted the attention of Chelsea. Together Basel and Salah win the league title 5 times consecutively.


3: Chelsea (2014-2015)

The big moment arrived for Salah which he was dearly waiting for since his childhood, there is no bigger achievement for a player to get an offer or sign for a Premier League club. A lot of his fans don’t know this but Liverpool wanted to hijack this deal but the player had other ideas back then. It was a big decision for Salah a decision which shaped his career entirely.

A move to the Premier League is not easy, at least not for a player from the middle east. It took Salah some time to get himself settled but unfortunately, Jose Mourinho and Chelsea saw it better to send him on loan so that he develops himself more. The spell of Salah in Chelsea was not very successful and he went away on a loan to Italy.

4: Fiorentina (Loan) 

The player realized that a move to Italy might be a good thing for him or it can turn into one of the worst decisions of his life. Salah took things seriously and he performed very well for Fiorentina. It was a short loan but in this short time too he helped the team a lot and the fans were already loving his style of play and the opportunities he made for other players. The club was so happy with him that they wanted to make him a permanent player for Fiorentina but the player refused. In just a matter of months, he decided to end this loan contract with Fiorentina and he returned back to Chelsea.

5: Roma

During the career of Mo Salah, his big break was signing for Chelsea but moving to Rome was the best turning point for him. The player initially made a loan move just 2 months after coming back to Chelsea from Fiorentina, he was confident and ready to learn. During his time in Roma, he improved his skills and other features which eventually made him the lethal goalscorer that he is now. The fans and the club were delighted by him which led to the decision of buying him from Chelsea on a permanent deal.

The Puskas award winner was with Roma for 2 years where he created several great memories and scored beautiful goals. Unfortunately, he did not win anything with Roma.

6: Liverpool (2017-Present)


The Liverpool scouts had their eyes on this player since the time he first signed for Chelsea. It was at Roma where he impressed them more and finally, the club decided to sign him. Salah knew within himself that now he is ready to come back to the Premier League. After joining Liverpool he went on making records and breaking them making those records very easy. The list of achievements that Salah has made after his move to England is remarkable and there might be very few players who might come close to him. In a very short amount of time, he scored tons of goals helping Liverpool to win the Champions League, Premier League, FA Cup, FIFA Club World Cup and many other titles. 

It is Mo Salah that led to the success of Klopp in Liverpool, Klopp is a smart man but he wouldn’t have achieved all this without him.

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