Complete list of clubs Suarez playen in: Complete Stats

Luis Suarez is one of the finest strikers of this generation. If we are to compare him there would hardly be any other striker as good as him during his time. The player has achieved a lot in his career and is now near to hanging his boots. The fans expected to see more of him on a big level but fate had something else planned for him.

Suarez has played for 7 different clubs and scored hundreds of beautiful goals for them. The Liverpool version of Suarez is incomparable as he used to score mind-blowing goals and make it look easy. While the Barcelona version was his most complete version as he paired perfectly to form the famous MSN trio with Messi and Neymar.

The player started his journey with Nacional where he joined the youth academy. So far, Suarez has played for a total of 7 teams, representing Nacional, FC Groningen, Ajax, Liverpool, FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Gremio.

Luis Suarez Club Timeline:

  1. Nacional (2005 to 2006)
  2. Groningen (2006 to 2007)
  3. Ajax (2007 to 2011)
  4. Liverpool (2011 to 2014)
  5. FC Barcelona (2014 to 2020)
  6. Atlético Madrid (2020 to 2022)
  7. Nacional (2022)
  8. Gremio (2022 – Present)

Club Stats:

Atletico Madrid83346


Stats by Competition:

Premier League1106939
La Liga25817684
Champions League732725

All Clubs Luis Suarez played in:

1: Nacional (2005 to 2006)

Luis Suarez is someone who has a history of getting into controversies. Some people first came to know about Suarez because of the controversy he made during his career. A young Suarez was even more troublesome. It was difficult to control him as he was involved in foul things on and off the pitch. Nonetheless, he still had one major aim in his life and that was football.

Suarez joined the Nacional youth academy at the age of 14 years old. He quickly jumped the ranks and impressed many people with his game. In the season of 2005/06, he helped Nacional lift the Uruguayan League. The contributions of Suarez were noteworthy and so he caught the eye of the scouts of Groningen.

2: Groningen (2006 to 2007)

The Uruguay striker was signed by Groningen at the age of 19 years old. Suarez was happy about this move as now he was finally playing in Europe. Unfortunately, it was difficult for Suarez to fit into Groningen as he did not speak Dutch. The initial period was a bit difficult but later he managed himself and was a good part of the team. In just 1 season he impressed the scouts of Ajax and now the club wanted to buy him. Groningen did not want to sell him but Suarez was in favour of this move and so it happened.

3: Ajax (2007 to 2011)

The first big move in his life of Suarez happened after he moved to this club. Ajax is known for producing great talents who end up being an icon and a legend in the football world. The journey of Suarez in Ajax made him the player he is today. In his time at the club, he learned a lot that helped him to shape his style of game making him better on the pitch.

Suarez joined Ajax in the year 2007 and stayed with them till 2011. In his last season with the club, he also won the Eredivisie(Dutch League), printing his name in the record books of Ajax’s best players. The farewell by Ajax fans was huge and they wished that he stayed more time with the club.

4: Liverpool (2011 to 2014)

The next big step was to take over the best league in the world. Liverpool signed Luis Suarez in 2011 at a record transfer of €26.5 million. It was a big move by the club and they had high hopes for him. Suarez did justice to the faith of all the Liverpool fans and was a joy to watch. The player won the English League Cup in the very first season and was an instant hit among the fans.

Suarez scored some of the most beautiful goals in the history of Liverpool and created a few priceless memories for the Premier League. He also won the Golden Boot with 31 goals in the season of 2013/14. The sad part is that wherever he go controversies followed him. In Liverpool, he was involved in several rumours which ended up as a stain on the player because of heavy criticism from English fans.

5: FC Barcelona (2014 to 2020)

The best signing for Suarez came in the face of Barcelona. The Spanish giants signed him in 2014 for £64.98 million. Unfortunately, he missed any football action for the first four months as a penalty for being accused of a biting incident in his old match. People had mixed thoughts about Suarez but he did not give up on himself and never let criticism bring him down. Suarez worked hard and came back up as he trained a lot to be in the best shape for Barcelona.

The year 2015  is certainly one of the best for Barcelona and its fans. The legendary trio of MSN (Messi-Neymar-Suarez) scored tons of goals and won the Champions League, FIFA CWC and UEFA Supercup in the year 2015. Everything that happened during that period was perfect and it will be remembered as perfect in the history books. Suarez won 4 La Liga titles in 5 seasons and was a major part of this success for Barcelona.

Suarez will go down as a legend for Barcelona. The time he spends in Barcelona is just ‘PRICELESS’.

6: Atletico Madrid (2020 to 2022)

After spending 6 long years with Barcelone he knew that his time for departure is coming close. In 2020 Suarez left Barcelona for Atletico Madrid, the deal was for 2 years. It was a big move for the player to play for the rivals of his old team. In the very first season, he won La Liga and was loved by everyone at the club. He brought them the league title after 7 long years and was the highest scorer of them. 

The second season was not as fruitful compared to the first. He realised that age is taking over him and he cannot play like he used to earlier. So after his contract term was complete he parted ways with the club. The fans of Atletico Madrid gave him a huge farewell and thanked him for winning them La Liga.

7: Nacional (2022)

After living a great life Suarez went back to where it all started. It was the perfect end to an iconic career. Suarez just spent one season with them and won the Uruguayan League again. He had 11 G/A in 14 games at the age of 35 for Nacional. It was an emotional sight for true Nacional fans to see him back where he belongs.

8: Gremio (2022 – Present)

It felt like Suarez just went to Nacional to make them win the title and leave right after that. In just 6 months he signed for Gremio, a club that plays in the first division of the Brazilian League.

Suarez is 35 years old yet he still can win many titles and score beautiful goals for Gremio. He will make the most of the last few seasons of his career in Brazil.

International Career:

Luis Suarez is the kind of player that will do everything in his power to make his country proud. He gave his all on the pitch to make his country reach new heights. The player won the Copa America in 2011 and was also awarded the most valuable player of the competition award. Since his debut, Suarez has made a lot of appearances and scored a lot of goals for his country. Sadly the people of Uruguay wanted to make more of the World Cup 2022 but it was not written in their fate. The player fought hard for this dream but it did not succeed.

Suarez has the second most caps (137) just behind Diego Godin. The player loves his country and if need be he will do everything in his power to win more titles in the future.

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