Best Goalkeepers With Most Red Cards

AhIt is an extremely rare sight to see the goalkeeper receiving a red card in a match. The players who play in defence are more likely to get red cards compared to other players on the pitch. It is worse when it comes to a goalkeeper getting sent off. If a striker is sent off an attacking midfielder can do his job. If a full-back is sent off a centre-back or a midfielder can take over and cover the area but in the case of a goalkeeper, no player on the field can do what he does between the posts. In the past, we have seen some heroic performances by players who played in the goalkeeping position at the time of need. Unfortunately, in most cases, it does not end well for the team.

A goalkeeper is the wall and support of the team as he is guarding the goalposts for them. If he gets sent off no striker or midfielder can do what he does. It is one of the reasons why we don’t see goalkeepers getting sent off frequently. They tend to avoid disputes and also try to steer clear of avoidable fouls.

Top 3 Goalkeepers Who Received The Most Red Cards:

3:  Jussi Jaaskelainen – 4 Red Cards

Jaaskelainen is the goalkeeper who has received the most red cards in the history of the Premier League. He also has 25 yellow cards to his name throughout his career, we can also call him a true master of dark arts. The unique fact about Jaaskelainen is that he directly received all his red cards, there was no yellow card (warning) involved in his whole career.

2: Oliver Kahn – 4 Red Cards

Oliver Kahn is regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in the history of football. A pure German legend who performed expertly on the pitch for his country and club. He spent most of his career playing for Bayern Munich where he won tons of titles and created a huge legacy behind. Kahn made 3 different World Cup appearances and once got close to lifting the title but sadly lost in the finals against Brazil. Oliver Kahn won the World’s Best Goalkeeper Award (IFFHS) 5 times in his career. 

Just like other German legends, Kahn was also very passionate about football. His behaviour on the pitch was intense and often motivated everyone around him to do their best. It is one of the key qualities of a goalkeeper to provide direction to the team. A player can’t be intense and not get a red card in their career. In his career, he received 4 red cards. The most fierce of these red cards was the one where he punched a Brazilian defender in a Bundesliga game.

Oliver Kahn is a legend of the game and has left a legacy for future goalkeepers to follow.

1: Jens Lehmann – 7 Red Cards

Jens Lehmann is an exceptional goalkeeper who has played in some of the biggest clubs in Europe. He won the Champions League with Borussia Dortmund in 1999 and also made a record of not conceding a goal for 853 minutes in the Champions League. Lehmann is the player who holds the record for the most red cards in Bundesliga and the world. He was a great goalkeeper who was always ready to serve his 100% for Dortmund and the German National team. One of the most notable red cards that he received was in the Champions League final when he was playing with Arsenal against Barcelona where he fouled Samuel Eto’o in the 18th minute. It ended up as a loss for the team. 

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