Harry wants to leave despite the return of Mauricio Pochettino

Harry requested the club earlier this season to let him go. Tottenham Spurs doesn’t want their best striker to leave and as a result they will try to bring their ex manager Mauricio Pochettino back at Tottenham to somehow convince the player.

According to The Independant a move back from Pochettino won’t convince Harry Kane to stay.

Kane gave an interview to Gary Neville in which he clarified that he wants to have a conversation with the club chairman and he did not promise anyone that he will stay at his boyhood club forever.

Harry Kane is the hot topic of English football and clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea wants to put their hands on him.

Buying Harry Kane will be in the best interest of any club but the main problem is Harry won’t come cheap.

Spurs will put a price tag for Harry around £150M to £175M. After giving away such a huge trasnfer sum the club will also face heavy wage deamnds from the striker. harry is the best striker in the league and there is no chance that he will take a wage cut at this age.

Given the financial problem it’s clear that Manchester United won’t be able to afford Kane. Man City and Chelsea can go for him and as per the rumours Chelsea are ahead in the Kane transfer saga

Keeping the current situation and the financial condition of the clubs under consideration we can say due to the economical losses the clubs had to face due to Covid-19 buying a player this expensive might be a bad decision for any club. Only a financially can afford to buy him and at the moment there is no club like that..

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