Ederson Or Alisson? Who is a better player?

Brazilians undoubtedly have an insane amount of love for football and has always played an important role in producing some of the best footballers in the world. Ederson’s career has been tremendously well in all aspects. From playing at a local club named Sao Paulo to joining Manchester City, he came a long way and proved himself ahead of many players of his time. Hailing from the same nation Alisson is another mastermind on the field when it comes to nail-biting one-to-one saves. 

Although both players play for the same country and have impeccable records and achievements, they are often compared to each other. Undoubtedly, this is one of those debated topics among many football fans. The two Brazilian savers do not have much difference in their age, and they almost started playing at the same time. Doing wonderful from the start till date these young players are expected to do more wonders in the future hopefully. They are experienced, sharp, fast, agile, and passionate about the sport making the two unstoppable and worthy of touching the new heights with ease.

1: Early Life and History 


Ederson Santana de Moraes:


Born in Osasco, Brazil in 1993, Ederson plays for the Brazil national football team and Manchester City F.C. as a goalkeeper. Ederson started his career at Sao Paulo in 2008 at a local club and after playing for more than a year he joined Benfica in Portugal. He shook hands with Ribeirao in 2011 and joined Benfica again in 2015 signing a five-year contract with the club for $5.4M. He started his journey in the Premier League with Manchester City in 2017 at a whopping $38M. He is one of the most influential goalkeepers and is ranked as one of the world’s best goalkeepers! His ability to not let the opposition celebrate a goal is something that anyone would love to see. His current market value is more than $38M and was the highest in 2019 which was more than $67M. 


Alisson Becker:


Alisson Ramses Becker is a Brazilian goalkeeper. The 30-year-old professional footballer was born in Novo, Hamburgo who plays for Brazil’s national football team and Premier League club Liverpool F.C . Alisson made his debut for Brazil in 2015. The Liverpool goalkeeper is often considered the best goalkeeper in the current football scene because of his lightning-fast saves, and ability to take proper one-to-one with the striker. It’s hard for the strikers to net the ball in Alisson’s presence between the vertical bars! With a current market value of $33M, Alisson had the best market value in the year 2019 which was reportedly more than $86M. His contract with Liverpool will exist till 2027 which was signed in 2018.

2: Club Stats

Alisson and Ederson, the two Brazilian goalkeepers are almost of the same age and have almost equal experience in the industry. The season 2018-19 was the first season where both players started playing in the Premier League. Alisson played a total of 38 matches for Liverpool in the season with 21 clean sheets. 

On the other hand, Ederson started playing for Manchester City. In the 2018-19 campaign, he kept 20 successful clean sheets for the team. Alisson started 33 games for Liverpool out of the total 38 games in which he scored a goal and kept 10 clean sheets whereas, in the same season, Ederson started 36 Premier League matches for City had 1 assist, and kept 19 clean sheets, and made his major contribution in winning the Premier League.

In the 2021-22 campaign Alisson started 36 games and kept 20 clean sheets and Ederson started 37 games for City and kept 20 clean sheets. If we take a look at the save-percentage statistics of both the players Alisson is at the top when it comes to club level with a 74.2% while Ederson with 72.8%.

2018-1921 clean sheets20 clean sheets
2021-2220 clean sheets20 clean sheets

If we talk about the skill set of both the players, there is no doubt in considering Alisson as a 1v1 master player. His play style is often heavily praised in such do-or-die situations. His experience and presence of mind can never be questioned. Ederson, on the other hand, shows very agile and physically active gameplay. The left-footed goalkeeper has indeed mastered the art of counter-attacking and prefers covering the net during the game.


Based on the above stats, we can see that Alisson is reportedly a better goal-saver than Ederson. With a total of 716 goals, Alisson is 10 saves ahead of Ederson as he stands with a total score of 706.

In the above stats, it’s visible that there is not a vast difference between the players. Both players have shown outstanding gameplay and have been consistent throughout the league Both players have established their names successfully in the industry and have consistently performed as the best shoot-stoppers for their respective clubs. But if it’s a comparison, statistical analysis can’t be forgotten.

3: International Career

Alisson is a successful goalkeeper with a 65% clean sheets percentage. The Brazilian goalkeeper is not only appreciable in clean sheets but also in saves. If we take a look at the saves so following are his stats:
Alisson Clean Sheets  Clean Sheets Percentage

Alisson International Saves- 45

Out of all his International appearances Alisson being a wonderful saver has a total of 45 saves in his pocket which is commendable.

The naturally left-footed goalkeeper has a total of 11 clean sheets and stands with a total of 57.9%. Outstanding standing stats but a bit behind Alisson. The number of saves will be the decider of the statistical comparison between the two giants.

Ederson Clean SheetsClean Sheets Percentage

Ederson International Saves – 20

Out of all the matches played internationally, Ederson is a 20 times showstopper for the opposition strikers. He has a remarkable save percentage of 87% in international matches

Now, for the final comparison let’s take a look at the total amount of saves of both the players and the trophies they have won.

4: Titles Won

Alisson’s Trophies:

· 1x Champions League (Liverpool) – 2018/19

· 1x UEFA Supercup (Liverpool) – 2019/2020

· 1x Premier League (Liverpool) – 2020

· 1x FIFA Club World Cup Winner (Liverpool) – 2020

· 1x English League Cup Winner (Liverpool) – 2022

· 1x English FA Cup Winner (Liverpool) – 2022

· 1x Copa América (Brazil) – 2018/19


Ederson’s Trophies:


· 2x Portuguese Champion (Benfica) – 2015/16 & 2016/17

· 1x Portuguese League Cup Winner (Benfica) – 2015/16

· 1x Portuguese Cup Winner (Benfica) – 2017

· 1x Portuguese Super Cup Winner (Benfica) – 2017

· 5x Premier League Titles (Manchester City) – 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022 & 2023

· 4x English League Cup Winner (Manchester City) – 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021

· 2x English FA Cup Winner (Manchester City) – 2019 & 2023

· 2x English Super Cup Winner (Manchester City) – 2019 & 2020

· 1x Champions League (Manchester City) – 2022/23


Alisson Vs Ederson? Who is the better player?

As we can see according to the stats of both the players Alisson is a bit superior to Ederson but if we see the number of trophies and awards, we can clearly see Ederson leading the charts. So, it is very clear that both the players have made it to the top all by themselves. They never failed to prove themselves on any stage and have achieved a lot. In fact, Alisson has won the Copa America too. But it is impossible for both players to compete in the same spot. So, the conclusion comes out that Alisson is preferred more by the Brazilian manager in the matches and this proves that Alison has an edge over Ederson.

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