How many clubs has Dani Alves Played With?

Dani Alves or Daniel Alves da Silva is a Brazilian right-back or wing-back. Alves is widely known for his stamina, overlapping attacking runs, and technical skills. He is regarded as one of the greatest defenders of all time. Alves has a great level of pace and a god-gifted crossing accuracy which enabled him to link up with the midfielders. Any list in this world that keeps a record of the greatest defenders can’t be completed without Dani’s name in it.

Alves has played for many clubs and kept his mark on each club that he has played. He has played for 8 clubs and has performed tremendously well. He has an aggressive playstyle and is counted among the earning football players as well. Now, let’s take a look at how many clubs he has played for and what the stats are.

Dani Alves Club Timeline:

1. Bahia (2001)

2. Sevilla (2003)

3. Barcelona (2008)

4. Juventus (2016)

5. PSG (2017)


6. Sao Paulo (2019)

7. Barcelona (2021)

8. UNAM (2022)

Club Stats of all the clubs Alves played for:

1: Bahia (2001)

 Alves was 18 years old when he played his debut match for Bahia in 2001. The match was against Parana Clube and they won that match. Performing very well in that match Alves was a very promising player and was consistent with his performance.

2: Sevilla (2003)

Consistency is the key to success. Alves is a prime example of this as his consistent and promising performance led to his transfer to Sevilla in 2002. Played a good number of matches for Sevilla he had a great timeline in that club, Here are his stats in Sevilla FC.






He also went to play in the FIFA Youth Championship and played up to the mark. Considering his performance Sevilla decided to continue with him and he stayed there till 2008.

3: Barcelona (2008)


On 2 August 2008, Alves was seen joining Barcelona and leaving Sevilla in tears. He said that he would love to play for the club again. His emotional farewell from the club is remarkable and his performance is still remembered. During his 8-year stay in FC Barcelona, he played and performed outstandingly and has maintained respectable stats. Here are his stats in Barcelona.



GOALS – 22

ASSISTS – 105 


Appeared in a total of 408 matches, and Alvez scored 22 goals. While talking about defenders, the number of assists is considered a major criterion that helps in a better analysis of a player. Alvez has assisted 105 times during his stay in the club, which is commendable.

4: Juventus (2016)

On 27 June 2016, Juventus shook hands with Alves and signed a 2-year contract with him. The second most-capped player for Brazil, he scored his first goal with Juventus in a 4-0 home win over Cagliari. He also scored the opening goal of a 2-0 win over Lazio in the 2017 Coppa Italia Final. His stats in Juventus are as follows




With a decent number of stats in the club he had a good time with the club and finally announced his farewell after the termination of his contract with Juventus by mutual consent. He successfully won Coppa Italia and Serie A titles during his stay.

5: Paris Saint-Germain (2017)

On 12 July 2017, Alves joined PSG. He signed a 2-year contract with the team and on a free transfer. He made his debut for the club in Trophee des Champions. He scored a goal and assisted the winning goal too. He even assisted a goal in the Ligue 1 finals for Cavani which led to a 2-1 victory.




He appeared in a total of 73 matches and scored 8 goals. With 13 total number of assists Alves had a good career at PSG and finally announced his farewell from the club and became a free agent.

6: Sao Paulo (2019)

Being a Brazilian and long-time supporter of the club he expressed his love for the club on various occasions and wanted to play in the same club. So, on 1 August 2019, he signed the contract with Sao Paulo and was welcomed in front of 44,000 fans by Kaka, Fabiano, and Hernanes. 




He scored a goal in the very first match. He was also made the captain of the team. The only title that he won during his stay in the club was Campeonato Paulista which was the 42nd title of his career.

7: Return to Barcelona (2021)

In November 2021 he returned to Barcelona and Alves became the only player to appear 408 times which made him the 2nd most appearing abroad player for Barcelona. Lionel Messi is the only player who appeared in more matches than him


8: UNAM (2022)

In 2022 Alvex joined the Liga MX club UNAM. He also changed his jersey number from 33 to 77. Unfortunately due to some controversy, UNAM decided to end their contract with Alves and this was his last club. He has not been spotted on the field since then. Here are his stats in UNAM.






Alves was a substitute player when he made his debut for Brazil’s national team. It was a friendly match against Al-Kuwait Selection. His first international cap was against Ecuador and he became a part of the 2007 Copa America Brazil team. He was also the part of 2010 squad for the FIFA World Cup and 2011 Copa America. Having great international achievements and various trophies Alves is counted among the most accomplished defenders of all time. 






What is Dani Alves’s net worth?

Dani Alves’s net worth is $60M in 2023.


How many trophies does Alves have?

Dani Alves has a total of 42 trophies.


Does Alves have any hidden passion?

Dani Alves has a passion for music and is very fond of it.

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