Top 10 Midfielders In 2023 | Ranked!

The life of a midfielder revolves around making the most in attack without getting much of the reward and also helping the team in defence. A striker is praised for the goals he scores, and a goalkeeper or defender is praised for the clean sheets they maintain. It is very distinct for midfielders as many great midfielders are the major reason behind the success of the team without making many assists or goals. The only possible way left to compare midfielders is to see who has won more titles in their career.

The game has modernized in the recent era. A modern-day midfielder has more responsibilities compared to a traditional midfielder. The latest young midfielders are very promising and look capable enough to fit in the boots of the current legends of the game.

Best 10 Midfielders of 2023!

10: Leon Goretzka

The ‘Bodybuilder’ of Bayern Munich has the strength and brains it takes for any player to compete against the best. In the last few years, he has had many titles with Munich and will continue to dominate the midfield for them. A player like Goretzka is a pure asset for the team as he can play offensive and defensive at the same time. In past matches with teams like PSG, he was a great wall against Messi, Mbappe and Neymar while playing in the defensive midfield position along with Kimmich. 

Previous Season Stats 2021/22:

Pass Success84%
Tackle Success63%
Yellow Cards0
9: Luka Modric

The only ‘Veteran‘ in this list who is no less than anyone else in the world. Luka Modric continues to win more titles and trophies with Real Madrid at an age when other midfielders move to different leagues for retirement or to earn more money. Despite being 37 years old he is an important player for Ancelotti and his team. Modric has mastered all the skills that an ideal midfielder should have. The young players who aspire to be midfielders one day can learn a lot by reflecting on the life of Luka Modric.

A complete legend of the beautiful game.

Previous Season Stats 2021/22:

Pass Success90%
Tackle Success46%
Yellow Cards4


8: Marco Verrati

The master of passing Verrati has earned his stripes in the midfield world by being the most consistent PSG player for more than a decade. If it was not for Verrati the England National team might have won the Euro 2020 final as he was everywhere on the field. In that game, Verrati had the most touches and the most key passes for Italy throughout the competition. Players like Verrati can change the dynamics of the game in the favor of their team. 

In his career, Verrati has won more than 20 titles with PSG and will continue to bag in more. He is a ‘Hero’ of PSG and deserves more praise from their fans.

Previous Season Stats 2021/22:

Pass Success92%
Tackle Success65%
Yellow Cards12


7: Frenkie De Jong

The most anticipated transfer of 2022 was the move of De Jong to Manchester United. Surprisingly it never happened and he is still a Barcelona player. The Spanish giants should be feeling good about keeping De Jong as he has helped the team to reach the top of La Liga in 2023. The awareness and vision of De Jong is exceptional which makes him a great asset to the team. Just like Messi he analyses the pitch even before getting the ball and makes the perfect move for the team. It will be a great treat for De Jong fans to see him win La Liga with Barcelona as they have been waiting for such a moment for a long time.

Previous Season Stats 2021/22:

Pass Success91%
Tackle Success76%
Yellow Cards7
6: Toni Kroos 

Kroos is the engine of Real Madrid that helped them win the Champions League and La Liga in 2022. ‘The German Sniper’ is among the most elite midfielders and has the highest pass accuracy every year. Kroos also holds the record for the most accurate long balls (17/17) in a single UCL game. The midfield trio of Casemiro, Kroos and Modric was one of the most unique trios in the history of Real Madrid. Each of these three players was a master of their art and when they combined the opposition couldn’t break them. Unfortunately, the exit of Casemiro has ended this trio and in a few years, there won’t be anyone left from this famous trio.

Previous Season Stats 2021/22:

Pass Success95%
Tackle Success61%
Yellow Cards4
5: Jamal Musiala

The young and skilled Musiala is a player everyone has their eyes on. He is fast and can dribble past huge defenders easily. Musiala is hungry for more and tries to get the most for Bayern Munich. In recent years the player has developed many good skills that help him fit into the system of Munich. Many big clubs have their eyes set on this player. Musiala is a complete dribbler and is among the best young talents of 2023.

Previous Season Stats 2021/22:

Pass Success85%
Tackle Success66%
Yellow Cards2

4: Enzo Fernandez

Enzo Fernandes is the record transfer in the history of the Premier League. A lot of people are having high expectations from Enzo and want him to do justice on the price tag. So far he has managed good passing accuracy and provided accurate balls for  Chelsea. The Argentine might need some time to settle in England and get his peak form again after the World Cup. If he fails to perform well it will be a huge problem for Chelsea as they have spent a massive amount in signing him. Based on his World Cup performances we can surely say that he is a great player and has a whole career ahead of him. If he gets the right direction and enough time then he will be a key asset to Chelsea in future.

Previous Season Stats 2021/22:

Pass Success84%
Tackle Success47%
Yellow Cards4
3: Joshua Kimmich

Kimmich has evolved as a great midfielder over the years. He is one of the most versatile players who can play in different positions based on the requirement of the team. Just like Toni Kroos he is the engine of Bayern Munich, it is he who makes this side attack and helps score tons of goals.

In 2020/21 Joshua Kimmich won the treble with Bayern Munich, his contributions to winning the treble were commendable. Kimmich is a proud German player who is passionate about his club. It’s not likely that we will see Kimmich move to a different club. If Neuer retires before he moves from Munich he is the ideal candidate to be the captain of the team.

Previous Season Stats 2021/22:

Games 28
Goals 3
Assists 11
Passes 2101
Pass Success 88%
Tackle Success 49%
Yellow Cards 4
2: Pedri

The FC Barcelona ‘Golden Boy‘ has stayed consistent throughout the last few years. He came from being a promising talent to being among the best midfielders of the generation. There are very few midfielders of his age that can actually compare to him. Pedri is considered to be a great candidate to carry the legacy of Andres Iniesta in Barcelona. The club is now at the top of La Liga, all thanks to the efforts made by the players like Pedri. Under Xavi, he is learning to adapt to the way Barcelona play. In Pedri’s guidance, other young players such as Gavi are also being educated about the tiki-taka playing style of Barcelona.

Pedri is young yet he is the heart of the Barcelona system. The team heavily relies upon his abilities on the pitch. 

Previous Season Stats 2021/22:

Games 12
Goals 3
Assists 1
Passes 514
Pass Success 87%
Tackle Success 61%
Yellow Cards 0
1: Kevin De Bruyne

Since the last few years, no player has gotten close to De Bruyne in taking the first position on the best midfielders list. He has been the most consistent midfielder of this generation. His pass, vision, accuracy and power are incomparable. De Bruyne has won tons of titles in his career including many Premier League titles as well. He is the best man on the pitch for Man City to rely on making the most chances for his team. The addition of Erling Haaland has strengthened the Man City team. We will see De Bruyne making a beautiful pass to Haaland where he will score them in the best way possible. He has an extremely great vision for key passes along with the ability to snap out a goal from anywhere possible making him the best-attacking midfielder in the world of football.

The career De Bruyne has had is enough for him to be among the most elite midfielders.

Previous Season Stats 2021/22:

Pass Success83
Tackle Success56


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