All Clubs Ronaldinho has Played In His Career

Ronaldo de Assis Moreira also famous by the name Ronaldinho is a retired professional football player who played as an attacking midfielder. He is regarded as one of the greatest players of all time and is appreciated widely for his eloquent passes, dribbling skills, technical abilities, and accurate passes. Ronaldinho is undoubtedly the best player when it comes to applying tricks in the game, be it trick shots, jaw-dropping nutmegs, or any skill, Ronaldinho is the undisputed champion and is the most skilled player ever witnessed. 

Talking about his achievements, he is the only player in the world who has been honoured with 2 FIFA World Player of the Year, a Ballon d’Or, World Cup, FIFA Confederations Cup, Champions League, and Copa Libertadores. He played as an attacking midfielder but was also deployed as a winger very often. Born in Brazil, he grew up very familiar with the sport as his father was a shipyard worker and also a football player for a local club, but he died when Ronaldinho was just 8 years old. In the starting days, his first interest was beach football but later it changed to a more organized version of the sport. He is an absolute legend and personality that will never be forgotten. So, let us take a look at his journey in all the clubs he played for and see how the little boy from Brazil became an icon for the world.

Ronaldinho’s Club Timeline:

1. Gremio (1998-2001)

2. PSG (2001-2003)

3. Barcelona( 2003- 2008)

4. AC Milan (2008-2011)

5. Flamengo ( 2011-2012)

6. Atletico Mineiro ( 2012-2014)

7. Queretaro (2014-2015)

8. Fluminense (2015)

1. Gremio (1998-2001)

Ronaldinho was already playing with the youth squad of Gremio and made his senior debut at the Copa Libertadores 1998 as the club thought of giving him a chance in the senior side because of his tremendously good performance and affection for the game. Being a part of the Gremio youth club, the coaches had already seen his progress and game style and finally trusted him resulting in his debut in Libertadores.


Ronaldinho was in talks with Arsenal in 2001, but eventually, the deal did not take place as he got no work permit due to an insufficient number of matches played.

2. PSG (2001-2003)

In 2001, Ronaldinho joined the French club PSG on a 5-year deal at a fee of €5M. It was a big move for the player to play in Paris. Finally, he made his debut on 4th August 2001, in a match against Auxerre as a substitute. His first goal was in a match against Lyon which was a 2-2 draw. As soon as the winter break ended, he scored 4 goals in 4 matches consecutively, and in March 2002 he recorded a double against Troyes and initiated a 3-1 victory.


Ronaldinho and the PSG manager Fernandez were in a rift due to his irregularities but in 2002 October he scored two goals in a 3-1 victory against the rivals Marseille and in 2003 he scored the fan-favourite goal against Guingamp. He was also praised for his performance in the Coupe de France as he scored both goals in the 2-0 victory in the semi-finals against Bordeaux forming PSG’s path straight into the finals. Soon after PSG’s loss, he announced his departure from the club as the team failed to qualify for any European Tournaments.

3. Barcelona (2003- 2008)

In 2003, Barcelona outbid Manchester United and signed Ronaldinho at a whopping €30 million fee. He scored his first competitive goal in La Liga against Sevilla, it was a 30-yard goal that hit the crossbar first and then found the net, it was a wonderful sight. He got injured during the first half of the campaign and it wasn’t good for Barcelona as they ended up in 12th position. After his return, he scored 15 goals in La Liga season 2003–04 which helped the team in a podium finish. In 2004-05 he won the first league title and also The FIFA Player of the Year. Ronaldinho also made an assist in Messi’s first goal in 2005 which will be remembered in the history books forever. 


By the start of 2005, Ronaldinho had started to fill his wall with personal achievements and won the FIFPro World Player of the Year. As he was only on the list of top players of that time, he was ranked the 2005 European Footballer of the Year. He was no doubt the best in the scene as he also won the prestigious Ballon d’Or of his career. In November 2005, he scored two goals in the 3-0 win over Real Madrid. He was greatly applauded by Madrid fans. 

In the same season, Ronaldinhos’s performance was highly appreciated as Barcelona lifted the Champions League title after 14 years. In the 2006 season, Ronaldinho scored his 50th league goal against Villarreal and scored 2nd time with an overhead bicycle kick leaving the stadium shocked. Fans admired him a lot and he also revealed that he had the dream of doing this. Messi and Ronaldinho reached heights together, but soon after his exit from the club, he revealed that he regrets playing so little with Messi.

4. AC Milan (2008-2011)

In July 2008, Ronaldinho joined the Serie A giants AC Milan on a three-year contract. He scored his first goal in a 1-0 derby victory over Inter Milan. He also scored a 93rd-minute match-winning goal against Braga in the UEFA Cup group stage finishing the season with 32 appearances and 10 goals. Unfortunately, due to some fitness issue, he was benched for a few seasons resulting in a poor season for Milan. The issues that he faced were due to his bad habits of partying late at night and not training properly.


 In the second season for Milan, Ronaldinho proved himself as the best player for Milan. In January 2010, he scored 2 goals in a match against Juventus and contributed majorly in a 3-0 victory. On 17 January he scored his first hat trick against Siena and the media started appreciating him again stating “Ronaldinho’s Golden Days are Back’. He finished the season on a good note becoming the assist leader in Serie A.

5. Flamengo (2011-2012)

Ronaldinho joined Flamengo on 11 January 2011, and more than 20,000 people cheered for the football star at his unveiling. There were various statements about his new joining but he joined Flamengo. 


On 6 Feb 2011, he scored his first goal for the club in a 3-2 victory over Boavista. He converted a free kick for Flamengo to beat Boavista and lifted the Taca Guanabara with his team. His performance was satisfactory with the club and won the prestigious title as well followed by a hat-trick against Santos, but who knew the end with Flamengo would be so shocking and unpleasant as the club was sued by Ronaldinho for not providing the salary in the past 4 months.

6. Atletico Mineiro (2012-2014)

In June 2012, Ronaldinho announced his joining with Atletico Miniero for six months. His debut was against Palmeiras and scored his first goal against Nautico and performed well in all the matches making the 2012 season a successful one.


Due to the outstanding performance in the previous season, the team built momentum for themselves and qualified easily for the 2013 Copa Libertadores. Ronaldinho also won the Bola de Ouro award and was the best player in the league. In 2014 Ronaldinho renewed his contract with Atletico and won the 2014 Recopa Sudamericana. He left the club cancelling his contract on mutual agreement.

7. Queretaro (2014-2015)

Ronaldinho became a free agent after his exit from Atletico and there were no statements regarding his future joining. He finally signed a contract with the Mexican club Queretaro. His debut match was against Tigres UANL which was a 1-0 loss.  His next match was far better than this one as he scored as well as won the match by 4-1. In April 2015, he also scored twice against Liga MX title holder America and was appreciated by everyone in the stadium.


8. Fluminense (2015)

 After playing for so many clubs and leagues, Ronaldinho decided to head back to his country and join the Brazilian club Fluminense. He signed his contract with Fluminense for one and a half years but it was terminated on a mutual agreement and Ronaldinho stayed in the club only for 2 months. 


In the 2-month stay and playing only 9 matches, Ronaldinho’s performance was criticized by fans, he was trolled and was brutally disintegrated by the media as well. Being a legendary player and a very good human being Ronaldinho decided to confront the media and tell them about his difficulties in performing. After this incident, he decided not to play but did not announce his retirement at that time. Ronaldinho announced his retirement 3 years later in 2018.

International Career Of Ronaldinho:

In the 1997 U-17 World Championship, which was held in Egypt, he scored his goal against Austria, and Brazil won by 7-0. For 21 goals scored throughout the championship, Ronaldinho was awarded the Bronze Ball Award. He was also the part of U-20 team and helped the team appear in the South American Youth Championship and end up in third place. He earned his first cap after the win against Latvia by 3-0. He was also included in the 1999 FIFA Confederations Cup in which he scored score in almost every match including a hat-trick in the semi-final against Saudi Arabia and was awarded the Golden Ball and Golden Boot for being the best player and top scorer as well.


Ronaldinho was a part of the 2003 FIFA Confederations Cup but unfortunately, Brazil ended up eliminated in the group stage. In 2004 Copa America, he was told to rest as the coach wanted the reserve to play. Finally, in the 2005 Confederations Cup, he captained and lifted the trophy for the first time. 

In the 2006 World Cup, Ronaldinho was one of those players that the audience eagerly wanted to see playing. Expectations were high for, they were heavily criticized by the people and media.

In 2007, Ronaldinho scored in a 4-0 win over Chile and ended his goal drought after the 2005 Confederations Cup. However, he was a part of the 2008 Olympic Squad and was the captain of the tournament. The team bagged third position and earned the Bronze Medal for Brazil.


What is Ronaldiho’s net worth?
Ronaldinho’s net worth is more than $90M.

What was Ronaldinho’s highest market value?
Ronaldinho’s highest market value was $90M and is among one of the highest fees for an attacking midfielder.

What makes Ronaldinho different from other players?
Ronaldinho is reportedly considered among the most skilled players ever produced and also the only player to have 2 FIFA World Player of the Year, a Ballon d’Or, World Cup, FIFA Confederations Cup, Champions League, and Copa Libertadores

Who is Ronaldinho’s wife and what is her profession?
Janaina Mendes is Ronaldinho’s wife and she is a professional Brazilian Dancer.

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