SHOCKING: Saul Niguez to leave Atletico Madrid | Liverpool/Chelsea/PSG/City/United interested

Anyone who watches La Liga understands that Saul Niguez is a big deal, having him in any team will only enhance their performance. Saul wasn’t expected to move earlier but now it looks like Saul wants a move out of Atletico Madrid. Atletico boss Diego Simeone might let him go for just €40M. Earlier the release clause for Saul was €150M but now it looks like they changed their mind. Chelsea was interested in the player for some time now and are ahead in the race.

Atletico Madrid won the La Liga last year and now they got a bag filled with money (€182M) for winning it. Atletico may look to rebuild their team for the next season and maybe that’s why they may let Saul leave. Atletico Madrid has a couple of signings in mind for this transfer window.

All this doesn’t mean that Saul is not a good player, he played 43 games for them and is a crucial part of their La Liga triumph. Saul has been a part of Atletico Madrid since 2011 and since then he has lifted plenty of titles for the team. Saul has a pair of La Liga and Europa League titles with a Copa Del Rey trophy too. Saul played 337 games for them and have served Atletico Madrid for almost a decade now.

Possible landing destinations for transfer?

It doesn’t matter if Chelsea is ahead in this deal because many other big clubs are involved and interested in this move. Liverpool plans to offer Saul more wages compared to what he was earning at Atletico Madrid meanwhile Manchester United and Manchester City are keeping a close eye on the player and PSG are spectating from a distance waiting for their turn to pitch an offer.

Right now saul is the hot topic in the transfer world. The team with the best offer may get him as the player didn’t leave any hints about his move anywhere.

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