Top 3 Reasons Why Serie A is Better than the Premier League?

Europe can be considered the hub of football because the amount of love for the sport is something that can’t be compared to any other sport. The love for the sport remains incomparable but the leagues that show their prowess and significance are surely a matter of debate for football fans across the globe. There are multiple reasons why the European Leagues are compared depending on the fan’s favourites, expenditure, passion, format, and many other aspects.

In this article, we will be deeply analyzing the two giant leagues of the football world, Serie A and Premier League. Based on these aspects, we will be comparing the two leagues and will come up with the top 3 reasons why the Serie A is bigger than the Premier League.

1: Passion

A sport without passion is nothing. A positive attitude, an essence of pride, and a risk-taking nature play a vital role in the development of a successful footballer. However, sports require the dedication and passion of players but also the viewers and supporters who are passionate about their favourite team and their favourite player. Talking about passion we must take into consideration how many players are playing in the league with what level of skills to make the league superior out of all. 

If we talk about the amount of sponsorships and play transfers Premier League leads the chart but we must not forget that these things are countable in the marketing factor. Talking about the passion for this sport, it is quite evident from the previous years that Serie A clubs are adept at acquiring high-quality players. The leading league in the European football scenario has acquired some of the most successful players and the most known players of all time which include legends like Paolo Maldini, Javier Zanetti, Gianluigi Buffon, Andrea Pirlo, and many legends.

It is difficult to find someone like Totti in the Premier League. This shows the focus of Italian football was always on getting the best and dedicated players, making a strong team winning the tournament for the glory of the club and eventually contributing to the growth of the football scenario. 

On the other hand, if we talk about the Premier League some very good players have played in the past and are continuing in the league but the money focus somehow decreases the glory of the sport and eventually ends up building a money-centric mindset.

No amount of money can ever buy passion. The English clubs may have the current top players but they can not match the amount of passion small clubs of Italy have for their sport. It’s not just a sport for the Italians, it’s something bigger than that. It is everything they live for, it is the start and end of their day. It is what makes them complete.

2: Legacy

The legacy that is built today acts as an inspiration and a role model for the coming generations. This art can be learnt from Serie A league as they have always been intense and electrified towards the growth of the love towards football. This can be a major criterion when comparing both leagues. The English teams playing in the Premier League are good and have tactical adaptability. The top teams of the Premier League are Manchester City and Liverpool which have new additions very frequently and have given chances to young players as well.

On the other hand if we talk about the Italian clubs Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan have been on the leading front of the Italian football World. We have seen a lot of players from the Premier League switching clubs and leagues. But if we talk about the legacy of the Italian teams there is a big probability that any renowned footballer from the Italian football scene must have played for Juventus Milan and Napoli. This shows how the legends actually love the Italian side Serie A and have always wanted to continue in the same league.

The reason for their love for Italy could be their passion for the sport and the appropriate exposure that they get over there. It does not prove that there have been no players in the Premier League who do not have a great legacy.

There have been great players in the history of the Premier League who started and ended their careers in the English league. Having said that it is still difficult to find someone like Maldini in the English scene.


3: Struggle For Glory

It is inherent in the nature of football to be competitive. When we are comparing two world-famous leagues, we must consider the sense of competitiveness as an important factor in judging who’s on the edge. If we take the atmosphere and culture into consideration there is no other environment better than the Italian scene for any player or team. The Italian football environment is undoubtedly the best because of the support electrifying crowd and high level of trust along with favouritism is experienced at its best.

Also if we take the views of the veteran football players who have played for a long time in the Italian football industry they consider Serie A a more competitive, focused, and tactically strong league.  Also, the defence mechanism of any football team is one of the major elements that make a complete team. And no doubt Italian clubs have the best defence mechanism and Serie A is known for having some of the best defenders in the history of football.

The pace of the Premier League is fast and it is difficult for a player to make a name for himself and settle in due to all the pressure they get from the fans. The only reason why the Premier League is the most hyped is because of the media and the English fans. If the English teams were elite in reality then why did they win the Champions League only 6 times in the last 23 years? The English media exaggerates everything that happens in this league making them look like the best but in reality, they are no better than the other teams around the world. 

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