Complete list of clubs Thiago Silva Played In:

Thiago Silva is a Brazilian professional footballer. He plays as a centre-back and is appreciated for his discipline and leadership qualities. His football journey started in Fluminense at the age of 14 when he was surprised by his coach with his stunning performance and got the role of a defensive midfielder. In 2001 he got noticed and was invited by a South Brazil-based club RS Futebol. His performance has been consistent since then and has achieved a lot in his career due to that.

In his early days, he faced a lot of problems with teams, not with his teammates or coach but during the selection matches where he was performing well but still, he was an unobserved element for many clubs. He also faced many difficulties in his family as well because he was born in a very humble family background and was the third child.

Silva faced financial problems and suffered for many reasons. Also, he was very young when his mom and dad got separated, and due to this, Thiago faced a lot of hardships and struggles in the form of adverse psychological effects. But this does not stop him from reaching where he is today.

Thiago Silva’s Club Timeline:

1. Fluminense Football Club (2006-09)

2. AC Milan ( 2009-12)

3. Paris-Saint Germain ( 2012-20)

4. Chelsea ( 2020- present)

1. Fluminense Football Club (2006-09)

Silva’s return to football was very tough due to his health issues, but Fluminense coach Ivo Wortmann deserves all the credit for Silva’s return. In 2006 January, Fluminense announced their newest signing Thiago Silva. His tournament with Fluminense was Brasileirao which did not go well for the team but Silva performed satisfactorily and was also appreciated by many.

In 2007 the same team won the Copa do Brasil for the first time. Silva performed up to the mark and started every match and he scored crucial goals in the quarter-final and semi-final as well.

His consistent performance and dedication earned him a spot in the 2007 Copa America squad.


The year 2008 was a very good year for Silva but not for the team as they finished in 14th place in the Copa Libertadores, but played his 100th match for the team and eventually the youth of Brazil started looking up to him as a idol. He was included in the 2008 Brasileirao Team of the Season and was also selected for the Fan’s Player of the Season as his craze and popularity increased a lot. By the end of the year, there was news out, telling about his signing with AC Milan, and after the confirmation he played his last match where 50,000 people gathered to see him playing for the last time in Fluminense.

2. AC Milan ( 2009-12)

Silva was signed at a fee of €10 million for four years. He started his training with the club and was improving his gameplay and techniques under the guidance of Paulo Maldini, the living legend. After the training and his good performance in practice matches, he was included in the 2009-10 season. His debut season was a big stage where he proved himself and legend Maldini appreciated his gameplay. But he was inactive and underperformed in the next few matches because of a muscle strain. He played exceptionally well in a match against Marseille and entered the UEFA Champions League in style. He was often appreciated as the best investment of AC Milan.


In December he suffered from a muscle injury and after a rest 2 weeks he was considered fit and fine to play making his comeback on 30 December. In the 2010-11 Serie A, he started with a goal against Lecce and was performing well but he again dealt with another ankle sprain and missed the next 4 matches. On his return, he played a vital role in the 1-0 win, he got injured again in the knee and was away for a month. But in the Serie A, he was considered the best defender due to his performance. Silva’s 75 matches made him a star of the match as he played a major role in keeping a clean sheet against Fiorentina. From being compared to the best defenders to becoming someone’s personal favourite, Silva had a great and successful journey with AC Milan.

3. Paris-Saint Germain ( 2012-20)

This is the club where Silva played the most number of matches and stayed for the longest duration. The directors of PSG wanted Silva for a very long time. Various newspapers and magazines disclosed many dates of his arrival in PSG but it wasn’t officially confirmed by any of the parties. Finally, his transfer took place and he was sold for  €46 million making him the most expensive defender ever in Ligue 1.

Silva was soon in front of the media as the best defender but made his debut after 13 days as he arrived unfit to play. He played his first match in the Champions League group stage and scored the second goal in a 4-1 victory. His first Ligue 1 match was against Bastia where PSG won by 4-0. He was consistently appreciated for his gameplay and in 2012 he was again in the UEFA Team Year.


The year 2013 started with a 2-1 victory in Trophee des Champions against Bordeaux Silva being the Man of the match. This led to the extension of his contract with PSG till 2018. After his extension, he went through an injury but his gameplay remained unaffected and he started performing well consistently. Silva’s astonishing performance helped him achieve many titles for himself and the team as well. In 2020, PSG played in the UEFA finals and Silva became the first-ever Brazilian to start a UEFA match as a captain.

4. Chelsea ( 2020- present)

Thiago Silva after so many accomplishments and a great career with PSG joined Chelsea in August 2020. He joined the Premier Club team Chelsea for 1 year and made his debut on 23 September in a home win over Barnsley 6-0 in the third round of the EFL Cup.

Silva led the defense of Chelsea defeating Real Madrid in the Champions League semis. He got injured in the 39th minute of the final but he won his first ever Champions League. It was announced in June 2021 that he will be playing for Chelsea till 2022.


Silva extended his contract till the end of the 2022-33 season and made his 100th Champions League in October 2011 in a match against his previous AC Milan which was a victory. Silva was also named as Chelsea’s player of the year.

International Career Of Thiago Silva:

Silva played for the first time with Brazil in the 2008 Summer Olympics and won his first 2 caps in the friendly matches against Singapore and Vietnam. His next cap was in a match against Portugal which Brazil won by 6-2 and Silva was also praised for the same match. 

In the 2010 World Cup, he was an unused substitute but won his international trophy at the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup and was ranked among the stars of the tournament. Silva played a crucial role in the group-stage matches of the FIFA 2014 World Cup and was the third-best defender of the tournament followed by getting a spot in the top 10 defenders of the world.


Silva scored a goal in a match against Venezuela and helped in the 2-1 victory taking the team to the quarter final of Copa America 2015. Scoring in the last match of the league stage of the 2018 World Cup against Serbia, he helped the team make a way into the further matches. He played in the 2019 and 2021 Copa America and completed his 100 international matches streak in the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.

What is Silva’s highest market value?

Thiago Silva is the most expensive defender with the highest market value of  €46M.

Who is Thiago Silva’s wife?
Thiago Silva’s wife is Isabale and has two sons.

What is Thiago Silva’s net worth?Thiago Silva’s net worth is $45M and he is also one of the greatest defenders of the world.

What is a hidden hobby of Thiago Silva?
The Brazilian legendary player Thiago Silva is also an actor and loves doing it. He was also featured in 3 documentaries including the UEFA Player documentary.

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