Complete list of clubs Willy Caballero played in:

Willy Caballero is a former Argentine professional footballer who played as a goalkeeper and is a football coach. He is the assistant manager of the EFL Championship club Leicester City. However, he spent most of his time in Spain, representing Elche and Malaga competing in La Liga. Born in Santa Elena, Willy started his career at Boca Juniors in 2001. In 2003 the team won the Intercontinental Cup by defeating AC Milan in a 3-1 penalty, but Willy watched the game and celebrated the victory from the bench. 

He was also part of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Squad and represented the nation in U-20 Olympics as well. Being a goalkeeper Willy has contributed a lot to the success of clubs and the country as well.  He is currently 37 years old and announced his coaching career on 9 July 2023 as an assistant manager at Leicester City becoming a part of the manager Enzo Maresca’s staff.

Willy Caballero Club Timeline:

1. Elche ( 2004-11)

2. Arsenal Sarandi ( loan-2006)

3. Malaga (2011-14)

4. Manchester City ( 2014-17)

5. Chelsea ( 2017-21)

6. Southampton ( 2021-23)

Clubs Stats of Willy Caballero’s career:

1. Elche ( 2004-11)

Willy was a product of Boca Juniors and played for the club as a goalkeeper in the initial days of his career. He played, practised, learned about the game, and polished his skills. His dedication and performance made it easy for Willy to get a clear pathway into the playing squad of the Elche in 2004. 

Goals Conceded171
Clean Sheets54

The Argentine goalkeeper relocated to Spain to play for the Elche football club and had a very good time in the club. Missing a couple of matches because of being benched he still did not let his graph go down, Considered the undisputed starter he played more than 150 matches. Consistently performing whenever he played Willy had a promising career in the Elche until his transfer to the Argentine club Arsenal Sarindi. 

2. Arsenal Sarandi ( loan-2006)

In 2006, Willy was transferred to the Argentine football club for a year for the 2006 season. The loan fee for his transfer into the club was 1.25  million euros. 

Goals Conceded13
Clean Sheets6

After the 2006 season in Arsenal Sarindi, his loan period ended and he made his return to the Elche in Spain where he continued his career till 2011.

3. Malaga (2011-14)

Willy was transferred to Malaga in 2011 at a transfer fee of 900,000 Euros for La Liga for 2.5 years. This was an emergency transfer due to the knee injury of Sergio Asenjo ( the current goalkeeper) and the previous starter was also not available due to some reason. So, Willy made his debut in a match against Villarreal which was a 1-1 draw. He played all the matches of the campaign.

Goals Conceded159
Clean Sheets45

Willy in 2011 became a part of the history of Malaga as he maintained his clean sheet for 480 minutes. At that time he beat the previous record of 428 minutes. In 2012, he finally signed his extension contract with the club till 2016. On March 25 in a match against Espanyol, he fractured his left hand and was sidelined for the rest of the season. He returned to full fitness in 2012-13 and played all games except 2 and was named one of the best goalkeepers of that time.

4. Manchester City ( 2014-17)

Cabarello signed a 3-year deal with Man City at a fee of 6M Euro. His first match in the club was a 0-3 loss to Arsenal in the FA Community Sheild and just after a week, he was benched in the Premier League opening. His second appearance occurred on 24 September 2014 in a 7-0 home victory in the football league cup. At one point in time, he received a lot of criticism from the media and press before the final because of his 1-5 loss to Chelsea. In the final, he saved 3 attempts in the 3-1 penalty shootout triumph against Liverpool. 

Goals Conceded55
Clean Sheets16

In 2016, he appeared as a substitute in a 0-4 defeat by Barcelona in the Group Stage of the UEFA Champions League. In February 2017, Willy replaced Bravo and got the spot in the starting 11 he kept a clean sheet in a 4-0 against West Ham United at the London Olympic Stadium. He also saved a penalty in a match against Monaco. As the expiry of his contract was approaching it was announced that he would leave the club.

5. Chelsea ( 2017-21)

Willy signed the contract with Chelsea on 1 July 2017 on a free transfer. He made his debut in September in a match against Nottingham Forest for the League Cup. In January 2018 Willy saved a crucial penalty in the Third Round FA Cup win over Norwich City. He went on rest as he was suffering from an ankle injury. In February 2019 in a match against the defending champions of the EFL Cup Manchester City, Chelsea lost in the match. 

Goals Conceded42
Clean Sheets12

6. Southampton ( 2021-23)

In 2021, Willy signed the Premier League side Southampton on a one-month contract as the pre-existing goalkeepers were injured. So, Willy came forward to take the responsibility on his shoulders and became the saviour for Southampton. His debut was against Arsenal and it was a 3-0 loss. Having a decent career during his stay in Southampton he also extended his contract with the club. 

Goals Conceded8
Clean Sheets0

Completing the season and ending his campaign he had a decent time in the club. Finally announcing his retirement and having a long and good career in all the clubs Willy announced himself as a coach and assistant manager for Leicester City.

Willy had a long career filled with many memories, some good while some to forget. No matter what he will be considered a great player in history for making it to the elite clubs of the football world.

International Career Of Willy Caballero:

Willy played for the U-20 Argentina team and played tremendously well which led to the victory of the team in the FIFA Youth Championship 2001. He was also a part of the gold medal-winning squad of the Olympics in 2004. He was also a part of the 2005 FIFA Confederation Cyp but he was unused throughout the campaign. 

Clean Sheets0

 He was finally included in the 2018 World Cup team, due to the injury of Sergio Romero who was the first choice he started the tournament and played first in the group stage against Iceland which was a 1-1 draw. His FIFA journey did not go well as the team faced a massive loss with a 0-3 loss against Croatia. Due to his mistakes in the game, the manager decided to bench Willy and made Armani play instead.

What was Willy Caballero’s highest market value?
The highest market value of Willy Cabarello was 5M euro. 

How many total trophies does Willy Cabarello win?
Willy Caballero won a total 7 trophies that include:

1x Champions League winner 

1x Europa League winner

1x Intercontinental Cup winner

1x Olympic medalist

1x Copa Libertadores winner

1x Argentinian champion

What is Willy Cabarello’s net worth?
Willy Cabarello’s net worth is completely not determined and any exact figure isn’t disclosed, but it is expected to be more than $5M.

Is Willy Cabarello married?
The Argentine goalkeeper is a happily married man and has 2 adorable daughters.

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