Top 8 freekick takers in the history of Seria A

Freekicks are the most essential part of a midfielder’s game, it can also be the turning point of a match. But in order to convert it into a goal, you need a very talented individual in your team. Over the course of time, football has been blessed by some of the best free-kick takers in history such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

The fans have witnessed some of the greatest free-kick takers in the history of Football. Although in recent times there have been a lot of variations in football, earlier it was pretty simple to take a free kick. Fewer techniques were involved but now the game has changed and you have to create a strategy before making the free kick. Serie A is one of the most difficult Leagues in the world. Italian football is very fast and in order to cope with the pace of it the players need to understand a lot of things and shape themselves accordingly.

Serie A has seen one of the most talented free kick takers in the history of football.

Best 8 freekick takers in Serie A history


8: Diego Maradona – 14


Diego Maradona is one of the greatest players to ever play in Italy. He has achieved so much in his career that other players can only imagine doing so. The player has won a lot of titles in his career including the Coppa Italia, the UEFA cup and Supercoppa Italiana. Apart from all this, he has also won the World Cup for Argentina which is one of the main achievements for Diego Maradona. He is a skilled player and he has been a gem for any team in which he plays some of his skills are very unique and especially the way he hits the free kicks.

During his career he has scored
14 free kicks in Serie A, he is surely one of the best free-kick takers in this League.

7: Gianfranco Zola – 20

Zola is a very talented player who has also played with Diego Maradona. Zola was a player who can play as a second striker Or as a winger. The player was a very good asset to his team as he was versatile. After his career as a player, he went on to manage teams in Italy. Zola has managed to score 23 kicks in his career. It is because of the players like Zola that attacking football has very much improved in recent times.

6: Roberto Baggio – 20

Roberto bag is one of the greatest players to ever play in Serie A. He has played for the biggest teams in Italy which include Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan. He started his career with LR Vicenza and from there he has moved to some of the biggest clubs in Italy. It won’t be wrong to say that Baggio was a very great midfielder who was always there for his team. He is also known for making the perfect assists for his strikers. One more thing which Baggio was known for was making free kicks.


He was one of the best free-kick takers in his time player has managed to score a total of 20 free kicks in his career.

5: Francesco Totti – 20

The most respected player in Italy in recent times is Francesco Totti. He is more loyal than any other player we have seen in our lifetime. Totti started his career in 1983 and soon went on to join the AS Roma youth team and since then it has been the only team which has stayed with it. He also has the record for the most goals scored in Serie A while playing for a single club. Apart from that, he also holds the record for the youngest captain in the history of Serie A. He was a player who was respected and loved by a lot of people including his Rivals. 


Over the course of his career, Totti managed to score 20 freekicks making him among the other great Italian legends.

4: Beppe Signori – 22

Signori was one of the most lethal strikers in the history of Serie A. He has been the top scorer in many competitions in Serie A and other domestic cups. Signori was also among the top 10 goal scorers in the history of Serie A. The player has scored 22 free kicks in his career and he rightly deserves to be in the fourth position on this list. 

3: Alessandro Del Piero – 22


Alexandra Del Piero is one of the greatest assets of Italian football. The former captain of Juventus proved himself very well when he played 19 seasons for them. The player has set a lot of records in Juventus, he is also the player to have the most goals for Juventus. Every Italian is proud of Del Piero for his achievement as he is a true Italian Legend who has served Juventus rightly and has also served his country. Del Piero won the World Cup in 2006 against France and it is one of the biggest achievements in his career. He will go down as one of the biggest legends in the history of Serie A.


Alessandro Del Piero was also known for playmaking and assisting. He was a great goal scorer but at the same time had other unique qualities. In his prime the player would score free kicks from many positions, he has scored 22 freekicks in his career making him the third best freekick taker in the history of Serie A. 

2: Andrea Pirlo – 24

Pirlo is among the elite legends of Italian football. Throughout his career, he was known as one of the greatest midfielders in Serie A. He has played for Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan in his career. People most recognise him for his contributions to Juventus, but those who follow Italian football would know his crucial contributions to the other two teams too. The player has also tried to pick up managing as a career with Juventus, but it did not end well. In the near future, we can expect him to return as a manager for a top Italian team one day. 


Pirlo is also known as an ‘Architect’ because of his unique ability to make great passes to his teammates. He was a perfectionist when it comes to being on the pitch, he always knew his next move in his mind making him a step ahead of others. Pirlo has scored a total of 24 freekicks making him the second-best player on this list.


1: Sinisa Mihajlovic – 28

Mihajlovic is a player who has played for a lot of reputable teams in his career. He was a very good player who can shoot from long distances. At the same time, he was a great midfielder too. He is one of the only players who have scored a hat-trick from free kicks in Serie A, only Signori has done the same. 


The player has won a lot of titles in his career with a number of teams, and he has won all the big titles that are available to compete for in Italy. Currently, he manages the Italian side of Bologna. The player has a lot of shot power in him, especially from long distances making him very lethal while taking free kicks. In his career, he has scored a total of 28 free kicks. A record which will not be broken very soon.

The upcoming generation is very talented and promising. The game is changing every single day and every player needs to adapt to new techniques in order to be among the best players. In future, we can expect young Italian talents such as Chiesa to score a lot of goals and free kicks for Italian clubs and Italy.

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