Darwin Nunez Vs Lautaro Martinez? Who is the better player?

Martinez is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a striker or second striker for the national Argentina football team. He plays for Serie A club Inter Milan. He is also the captain of Inter Milan. The jersey no.10 striker is one of the rising young strikers with many records and appreciation at the club and national levels. Martinez is often appreciated for his quickness and agility on the field. He is making a name for himself in Italy by impressing his fans with great performances for Inter Milan.

Darwin Gabriel Núñez Ribeiro is a Uruguayan professional football player. He is a striker for the Uruguay National football team and the Premier League club Liverpool. Known for his explosive speed and proficient technical skills he is a right-footed player. This young player is known for his athletic skillset and agile functioning. He is 24 years old and was in talks recently about his performance in the 23/24 season. He is appreciated and liked by many fans.

The players that we will be talking about do not have a very big age difference. So, this comparison is going to be very engaging and it would be very interesting to find who leads the charts. Both the strikers are young and rising stars who have plenty of time to make records, break records, and also make themselves the greatest. The peak of both players is still to be witnessed but let’s know who is doing better to date.

1: Personal Stats

We know that Martinez plays for the Serie A club Inter Milan and Nunez plays for the Premier League club Liverpool. Comparing based on various aspects let’s carry out a detailed statistical comparison between them to find out who is leading. The level of competition is different for both these leagues however the two players still manage to outshine other strikers in their respective leagues. 

Key Passes1419
Total Passes647367

If we take a look at the table above, there are various aspects of the game covered based on which we have compared the two strikers. Nunez needs more goals to come close to Martinez and the same applies to the number of total passes of both players. If we take a look at the defence of both the players Martinez even has 1 block and Nunez has none. But if see the key passes Nunez leads the score and has more passes, but no tackles while Martinez has 16. 

So, in the above comparison, Martinez is found to be a much better player in terms of goals, tackles, and assists. Based on the above comparison it is clear that Martinez emerges out to be dominant on Nunez

2: Titles

Any player needs to lift titles if they want to make a name for themselves in the world of football. Nunez plays for one of the best clubs in England and is expected to win great titles. Just a few seasons ago Liverpool lifted the Premier League as well as the Champions League making a statement to the world that they are still a dominant force in the world of football. The fans expect such things to repeat in the future and Nunez can be a part of it.

Titles Won By Nunez:

1x English Super Cup

2x Uruguayan League

Talking about Martinez, he has some great individual and team achievements. Played beside Messi, the Argentine footballer has some big records on his name and is considered as one the best strikers by Mauricio Pauchettino.

Titles Won By Lautaro Martinez:
1x Serie A 

2x Coppa Italia

2x Supercoppa Italiana 

1x Copa America

1x World Cup

1x CONMEBOL -UEFA Cup of Champions

It is evident that there is no comparison when it comes to the number of titles the two players have won. The trophy cabinet of Lautaro Martinez is filled with some of the best titles a player can win in their career.

3: Individual Honors

Talking about the right-footed striker Nunez, he has a good number of titles in the current stage of life. He has managed to keep a decent number of achievements on his name at this age. He entered his winning phrase from the start of his career. Being a striker of a well-known club in the Premier League, Nunez has learned well from his idols to carry the responsibilities of the team and how to act as an attacking asset for the team.

Individual Honors Of Darwin Nunez:

1x Cosme Damiao Awards 

1x Premeira LaLiga forward of the month

1x Premeira LaLiga Player of the Month

1x Premeira LaLiga Team of the Year

1x Premeira LaLiga Player of the Year

1x SJPF Player of the Month

1x Premeira LaLiga top scorer of the month

1x CNID Footballer of the Year

Apart from all these individual trophies he was also the runner-up for Taca de Portugal and Taca de Liga. Also a part of the FA Community Sheild winning team for Liverpool. He has a good achievement record at this age and has many more to come as he has a long way to go. He has a total of 8 individual trophies and many team highlights.

Martinez on the other hand also has some titles linked to his name. The Inter Milan striker is praised for his performances for club and country.

Individual Honors Of Lautaro Martinez:

Argentine Primera División Breakthrough player: 2017-18

UEFA Europa League Squad of the Season: 2019–20

South American Youth Football Championship top scorer: 2017

We have not seen many players winning a World Cup at this age and being nominated for the Ballon d’Or. With the list of so many prestigious awards, Martinez is found to be one of the youngest players with such a level of achievement. However, Nunez has more individual titles under his belt making it a tough competition for Martinez to win in this category.

4: International Career 

Talking about the Inter Milan forward his career in international football has been exceptionally well and full of winning contributions. He was also a part of Lionel Scaloni’s 23-man Argentina squad. He also scored a hat trick in a match against Mexico. Martinez scored a winning penalty goal against France in the World Cup 2022 finals.


With a total of 32 matches, he has scored 14 goals and 6 assists, out of which one he scored in the Finalissma against France in the World Cup Finals 2022

Talking about Nunez, he is one of the most important players for the Uruguay National team and maintains a good level of stats.

With a high attacking work rate and low defensive work rate Nunez has a very decent number of games and good stats. But talking in comparison to Martinez he has a bit lower stats than him and it is clear that Martinez has an edge in this aspect.

5: Personal Life

Martinez is married to Augustina Gandolfo, who is an entrepreneur and fitness trainer. Father of a 2-year-old daughter Martinez is signed to Nike as a brand ambassador. His total net worth is around $5M and is one of the most rapidly earning football players. This is all a result of his pure hard work and dedication. He also has a Lamborghini Huracan and a Porsche 911 Turbo S in his garage. He was born into a very financially weak family and his father was also a footballer. It was the only thing he had and he started playing the sport. Growing from that point in life Martinez came a long way and made his place in the Argentina World Cup Winning Team in 2022.  

Nunez has a net worth of around $4M. He got transferred to Liverpool at a transfer fee of 75 million euros. He is currently in a relationship with his partner Lorena Manas. However, he is not married to her but they announced the birth of their first child back in 2022. Nunez has made a lot of wealth from the very start of his career and the expenditure of his wealth includes spending on cars. Darwin loves cars and his favorite whip includes the Luxurious chauffeur-driven Mercedes Benz which is worth more than $580k, a Mercedes G-63 AMG.

Darwin Nunez Vs Lautaro Martinez? Who is the winner?

Having said that both players have been grinding hard for a very long time and have proved themselves on various occasions, the two players have made it with a lot of dedication and hard work. Be it winning in the starting phase of their careers or in the international scene they have made a respectable cabinet full of trophies. But in this comparison, it is clear that Martinez is ahead of Nunez in almost all aspects. Although there were many events where Nunez led the charts eventually Martinez won the overall comparison.

The debate can change in future if Nunez works on his performances in Liverpool and enlists his name among the legends of Liverpool and the football world.

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