What are Lionel Messi's possible destinations? Future at Barcelona?

Lionel Messi is without a contract for the first time since the time he joined Barcelona. Everyone is curious why he hadn’t extended his contract yet. The future is uncertain for everyone, be it Messi or anyone. If Leo is not signing purposely then questions arise whether he wants to move to a different club? or his demands aren’t yet met by Barcelona? No matter whatever the situation is one thing we do know that any club will love to have Messi in their team. Let’s see some of the possible destinations for Leo Messi if he leaves Barcelona.

1: Paris Saint-Germain F.C.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi the PSG boss is an ambitious businessman with a dream for PSG to win the Champions League. PSG have big pockets and a great team to help Messi fit in easily. The best part about Leo Messi going to PSG would be reuniting with Neymar Jr, these two shared a good bond during their time together in Barcelona and they still are good friends.

Messi to PSG won’t likely happen as PSG bought Icardi on a permanent and if they want to fit him in their attacking lineup then Icardi either needs to be sold or manage with Leo Messi. PSG bought Sergio Ramos and are expected to buy Donnarumma, Wijnaldum, Hakimi in some days. Signing Messi might be a little expensive for them at this time.

2: Manchester United

The fans of Manchester United want to see the magician in their team. United is a club with huge history and consists of some of the best talents in the world. United won’t be able to afford it after the recent signing of Jadon Sancho for €85M. United spent a lot of money after Sir Alex left them and since that time they are yet to win the Premier League. Messi going to United. won’t happen.

3: FC Bayern Munich

If Messi wants to mark the end of his career with a big bang then Bayern is the best choice for him. Bayern Munich is filled with talents and they win a lot of trophies each year. Messi can add a lot of titles and glories to his name if he joins Bayern Munich. The current Barcelona relies mostly on their young players while at Bayern Munich he will get to play with players like Lewandowski, Muller, Goretzka, Davies, Kimmich and many more. Messi won’t have to carry the team and can play freely without having total pressure on his shoulders. Undoubtedly the best choice for Messi if he wants to move.

4: Manchester City

People would love to see Messi and Pep Guardiola reunite in the Premier League. Pep Guardiola is a mastermind and a few months back he even gave a hint that he would love Messi in his Man City team. Manchester City are expected to buy Jack Grealish and Harry Kane for €200M+ approx, signing Messi at this position can get a little expensive but there is still a chance as some big names are expected to leave in this transfer window. These big players earn a fortune and if they leave it would be easy for Manchester City to sign Leo Messi as he is a free agent currently.

After the departure of David Silva, the club now relies on Kevin De Bruyne for creativity in midfield. Messi and Kevin together with an attack of Sterling, Kane and Mahrez. Premier League might not be the best destination for our GOAT as it would get too competitive for him with high expectations from everybody. Messi is 34 years old now and should move to a team where he can imagine himself playing the same style 2-3 years from now. Manchester City can be the second-best choice for Messi.

5: Inter

Inter Milan are owned by the Chinese giants Suning Group Holdings, they possess enough money to sign Messi and have mentioned it in the past too. Messi bought a home in Milan last year which adds fuel to these rumours. It’s not likely for Messi to end up in Inter.

6: MLS

The doors of MLS is open for every famous footballer in this world. MLS teams would love to have Messi in their league, it would be the greatest signing in the history of MLS if this happens. Messin looks at MLS as a good option before retirement but there’s still time for that. Messi wants to stay competitive and aims to win the World Cup 2022. Messi will stay at a competitive side at least till World Cup 2022. MLS can have Messi even after 4 years from now, but not now.

No matter wherever Leo goes we do know one thing that he will bring glory to that team and make us love him more. If you like this article then feel free to use the share icons and share with your loved ones.

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