SHOCKING: Neymar convinced Ramos to join PSG

Real Madrid lost their long time fighter and their strongest ever captain to PSG. Sergio Ramos was left without a contract and the French giants took him in. PSG is filled with world-class talents and Ramos was an addition to it. The Spaniard signed for a 2 year deal with PSG and is expected to pair with Marquinhos in defence.

The exit of Sergio Ramos was not a fruitful one as he wanted to stay in Madrid but Perez thought otherwise. Both the player and the club were negotiating for a long time but sadly they couldn’t agree on each other’s terms. Initially, Ramos wanted a 2-year deal but Madrid offered him a single year contract extension, later when he was out of contract he accepted the one year deal but Real Madrid said that the time for negotiation is over. In this way, Ramos unfortunately, had to move out. Big clubs from all around the world were interested in him including Manchester United, Arsenal, AC Milan and many more.

Did Neymar convince Ramos to join PSG?

In a recent interview, Ramos was asked about his relations with Neymar and if he tried to convince him. The Spaniard replied, “If Neymar called me to convince me? Yes, yes, he did. But before joining a new team, it’s always good to talk with players, with the president, Leonardo, Pochettino. They all convinced me in their own way”.

The player further went said that he shares an ‘extraordinary’ friendship with Neymar despite he used to play for his rival club Barcelona. Ramos is ambitious for winning the Champions League with PSG. He thinks that the club deserves to win the title and with players like Neymar it can be achieved. Ramos said “To come to a club that is 51 years old and has not won the Champions League, it would be historic to do so. And from a personal point of view, having a fifth Champions League would be very important.” 


It looks like Ramos already share a good bond with many players at PSG and he’s trying to fit in. Fans of the player are yet to see his first appearance in Paris outfit and we expect him to start a majority of matches in Ligue 1 and Champions League.

Donnarumma and Hakimi are the two other signings so far for PSG in this transfer window. They lost their chase to sign Messi as it looks like he won’t be leaving Barcelona. The only last and big rumour is the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo, many people believe that they will sign Ronaldo by the end of this transfer window or the next one.

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