Top 10 Best Left Wingers In Football World 2023

The beautiful game is evolving every year with new kinds of emerging talents and a constant change of rules. It’s more strategic than it was in the past. Now the coach has to analyze the opponents that they play before every single match, the team perfectly creates several strategies for the opponent and sometimes it does not even work out for them. The thing that remains constant in the strategies is the role of a winger to make the action happen. The wing position is one of the most exciting yet difficult as you are expected to make wonders happen despite being away from the box.

A modern winger needs to be skilful, quick and smart enough to help the team ultimately in getting a goal. The wingers in 2023 look sharp and ready to create their own history. Not very long ago Cristiano Ronaldo used to rule this position but now we have new faces and electrifying talents.

10 Left Wingers To Look For In 2023:

10: Phil Foden

Foden is a special player who is learning under Pep Guardiola. We all know what happens when a special player is trained by Pep, he can end up being the next Messi or something close. At 21 years of age, he scored more goals than Cristiano did when he was 21 years old. The year 2022 has been great for Foden as he scored a number of goals and assists for Manchester City. Pep and co have started to march as usual to win the Premier League, the team stands in second place on the table. The city is facing tough competition from Arsenal for the Premier League.

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9: Leroy Sane

The ex-Manchester City left winger is having a great time in Germany. Bayern Munich is the major dominant force in Bundesliga and he is a prominent part to keep their dominance. In the previous season, he scored 12 goals and 11 assists to help win the team numerous titles.

The year 2023 is expected to be the same for Sane. However, it looks frightening for Bayern Munich fans as they might have real competition after many years to win the Bundesliga. The other teams are nowhere close to Munich but in the world of football, anything is possible.

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8: Gabriel Martinelli

The year 2023 has started great for Arsenal and their fans. Martinelli is a constant threat to the opposition on the left wing, the manager Arteta has different plans for every match and every plan is working out for the team. Arsenal is again on the top of the Premier League table after a long wait, all thanks to the players and their hard work. In the 2022/23 Premier League season Martinelli already has 7 goals and 2 assists to his name.

Martinelli will go down to be among the other Arsenal players who created history for the club.

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7: Marcus Rashford

No player has ever scored in 8 consecutive matches in Old Trafford except Marcus Rashford. Everything has changed for the player after coming back from the World Cup. The old Rashford who was quick, skilled and hungry is finally back. In the last few seasons, people have been criticising his performances but now he is finally answering every hater that doubted him. After the start of 2023, the league is turning out to be in the favor of Manchester United. The strategies implemented by Ten Hag are finally working. It is going to be a great year for Rashford and it is easy to say he will end 2023 with a couple of dozen goals in his bag.

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6: Heung Min Son

The South Korean star and Tottenham left winger Heung Min Son had a great season in 2022. He scored 23 goals in the last season. Son has impressed millions of people around the world with his skills and abilities. The player has been the driving force of Tottenham Hotspurs. If things go well Tottenham can end up in a Champions League position for the upcoming season.

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5: Khvicha Kvaratskhelia

Kvaratskhelia is easily the signing of the season. The departure of Insigne made space for new talent to make a name for himself in Napoli. Kvaratskhelia understood the assignment and is now a key asset to the team. Napoli is destined to win the Serie A in the very first season after signing Kvaratskhelia. The Georgian left winger has left a mark on the football world after destroying Liverpool in the Champions League. In the current season, he has made 6 assists in 3 games for Napoli.

No team can stop Napoli from winning the Serie A in 2023.

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4: Rafael Leao

Leao has been the super sub of Portugal in the World Cup Qatar 2022. He scored in two different games to help Portugal advance into further rounds. Leao helped AC Milan to win the Serie A last season with exceptional performances. He scored 10 goals and made 11 assists to mark his name in the list of players who helped Milan reach the glory it deserves. Leao is young and a hot topic in the world of football. We can expect a big club to sign Leao in future if he continues to perform so well.

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3: Sadio Mane

The Liverpool and Bayern Munich star is having a great time in Germany. The exit of Sadio Mane has been unfortunate for Liverpool. It looks like the team is struggling in his absence and his replacement is not able to fit in his shoes perfectly. On the other hand, Mane is also taking some time to settle into the Bundesliga.

In his last few matches, the performances have been average but every Bayern fan understands how good Mane is. Once he gets back to his old form in Munich there will be no team that can stop Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga.

Previous Season Stats 2021/22:

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2: Neymar Jr

One of the most underrated players of this generation. Neymar is destined to be a great player and end his career among the best when he retires. If Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi didn’t exist these players would have won at least 2 Ballon D’ors by now. In the current season, Neymar has 32 G/A in 25 games for PSG, it is a great honour for a player to get such stats in one single season of their career while Neymar has managed to do it many times.

Neymar has better stats than many Brazilian stars and should be respected for the career he has led. A major part of his prime went in Barcelone where his contributions were hidden in the shadows of Leo. One more reason why Neymar did not reach his maximum potential is because of recurring injuries. No matter if he has not won a major individual award every football fan knows that Neymar is a legend of the game.

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1: Vinicius Jr

The young Brazilian has transformed from being a weak player to a main player for Real Madrid. Vinicius Jr is a skilled left winger who helped Real Madrid win La Liga and the Champions League last season. At 22 years of age, Vini Jr already has 98 goal contributions in 200 games for Madrid. The fans of Madrid were looking for a good replacement for Cristiano, they could not replace him but instead found a gem in Vinicius.

The concerning part about his career is that Vinicius is the most fouled player in La Liga and is always on the radar of defenders. What happened to Neymar if it happens to Vinicius too then it will also drag him away from reaching his highest potential. Vinicius is a strong player who is constantly criticised after every loss he faces with Madrid and Brazil. The year 2023 is very important for Real Madrid as their rivals are ahead of them in La Liga.

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