Complete list of all clubs Fernando Torres played: Stats

A hero for the Millenials, a legend for his country and an inspiration for all. Torres was the ultimate striker in the 2000s and the 2010s when there were very few players who could compare with him. Over the curse of his career, he has played at many big clubs and succeeded so well that he is still remembered for all those clubs. Torres was good at the club level but he was great for Spain as he was a major part of the elite Spanish team that won the World Cup in 2010.Β 

It all started for Fernando at the youth club ofΒ Parque. A place where a young and sharp Torres learned his most important skills and traits. The best decision that followed was to move to the Atletico Madrid Youth Academy (2009). Torres moved higher into the ranks of Atletico Madrid and ended up being an important player for Atletico Madrid for 7 years. So far, Torres has played for a total of 5 different teams, representing Atletico Madrid, Liverpool, Chelsea, AC Milan and Sagan Tosu.

Fernando Torres Club Timeline:


Atletico MadridΒ 


Liverpool FC


Chelsea FC


AC Milan


Atletico Madrid


Sagan Tosu


Fernando Torres Club Timeline:

Atletico Madrid – (2000-2007) & (2015-2018)

Liverpool FC – (2007-2011)

Chelsea FC – (2011-2014)

AC Milan – (2014-2015)

Sagan Tosu – (2018-2019)

All the clubs Fernando Torres played for:

1: Atletico Madrid (2000-2007) and (2015-2018)

It would be true to say that Atletico Madrid is the home of Fernando Torres. Wanda Metropolitano is the place where most of the good things happened to him. It is also the club for which Torres has played the most matches and scored the most goals too. However, after a few seasons, he decided to move someplace else and try his magic.Β 

A lucrative offer from Liverpool made him sign for them and the first half of Torres in Madrid was over. He returned to Atletico Madrid back on a loan from AC Milan after which he was signed again by the club. Torres won the Europa League with Atletico Madrid in his second spell at the club and he was an important player in the title battle for Atleti every year.

2: Liverpool (2007-2011)

The Spaniard was inclined to move into the Premier League and so he was offered a deal by Liverpool FC. He signed for Liverpool in the year 2007 on a transfer fee of around Β£25million and a six-year contract. The decision of moving to Liverpool ended up being too good for Torres and he scored a lot of goals in the very first season winning the hearts of Liverpool fans.

Everything was going fine but there was still one problem. Torres did not win anything in his 4 years at Liverpool. In 2010 Torres won the World Cup for Spain which again landed all the attention towards him again. It was the perfect time to make a transfer request.

3: Chelsea (2011-2014)

Torres knew if he wants to win then he needs to move to a different club as it was not working out in terms of winning titles. Soon after sending a transfer request, he got an offer from Chelsea. Fernando Torres joined Chelsea in 2011 for a transfer fee of Β£ 50 million. At Chelsea, he won the Champions League, the Europa League and the FA Cup. These things were what was missing in the life of Torres.

The player had some of his career’s best moments during his time at Chelsea and he is still regarded as one of the best strikers in Chelsea’s history.Β 

4: AC Milan (2014-2015)

The move to AC Milan was something that was not very planned for Torres as he did not play for a long time for them. After a very short time, he sent in a request to join his old team Atletico Madrid back. He made his debut in Serie A on 20th September 2014. The player knew it was not the place for him and so he wanted a move back to his old club where it all started.


5: Sagan Tosu (2018-2019)

Everybody realised that the decline of Torres has started and he won’t be able to keep it up. As a result, he made a bold move and signed for Sagan Tosu which played in the J1 League. During his time there he helped his team in scoring goals and making assists, he was liked and respected by the team for his career accomplishments and expertise.

At last, Torres decided that it was over and he hang his shoes on 23rd August 2019. The best part about his retirement match is that it was against the team that had two of his old best friends Iniesta and David Villa. It was magical yet heartbreaking for Torres fans to see him retire.

Spain (2003-2014)

The Atletico Madrid player has helped his nation greatly. He is among the Spanish players who are considered the most successful in his country. Fernando Torres won the World Cup and 2 Euro Cup titles during his time with Spain. He took his responsibilities very well and is still considered a hero to the people of Spain. What Torres achieved with Spain is a dream that every striker has but very few of them actually can accomplish it.Β 

The player is an inspiration to millions out there hoping to make it to the top. It is players like Torres, David Villa, Zlatan and Costa people started to love attacking football more. Even though Torres has retired now but the memories of him scoring astonishing goals is still very fresh in the minds of his fans all around the world.

Individual Honours of Fernando Torres:

  • UEFA European Under-16 Championship Player of the Tournament: 2001
  • UEFA European Under-19 Championship Player of the Tournament: 2002
  • Liverpool Player of the Season Awards: 2007–08
  • Premier League PFA Team of the Year: 2007–08, 2008–09
  • BBC Goal of the Month: April 2009
  • UEFA Euro 2008 Final: Man of the Match
  • UEFA European Championship Team of the Tournament: 2008
  • Ballon d’Or third-place: 2008
  • UEFA Team of the Year: 2008
  • FIFA FIFPro World XI: 2008, 2009
  • ESM Team of the Year: 2007–08
  • FIFA Confederations Cup Silver Shoe: 2009
  • Marca Leyenda award: 2012
  • UEFA European Championship Golden Boot: 2012
    FIFA Confederations Cup Golden Shoe: 2013

What is Fernando Torres doing in 2022?
The Atletico Madrid player has retired from football and is currently the coach of the Atletico Madrid Juvenil U19 team. It can also be said that he become the coach of a professional team in future and now he is still learning about coaching the junior team.

What is the net worth of Fernando Torres in 2022?

The total net worth of Fernando Torres is estimated to be aroundΒ $90 MillionΒ in 2022. Torres made this fortune by playing for the top clubs of Europe and he deserves every bit of it.

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